How Brisinger saved the party from death

TL;DR: The party went to kill an evil tyrant and succeeded but almost lost their lives by doing do.

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We were playing a second edition Ad&d campaign. At the time my party consisted of a human bard named John, an elf ranger named Shaun, a human wizard named Lisa, and a grey elf Psyonic named Brisinger. We had two other party members, a paladin named Trick and a warrior named Rye (Rey) but they weren't present at the time due to homework and sickness.

The party had entered into a village that was ran by a man named Borugaurd. They were in nice clothing ready to talk to him about the town because he was rich and we wanted to make a good impression before we tried to kill him. We were gathering intel on him and none of the townsfolk liked him. He was also trying to buy everyone's land because in a matter of months the emperor would visit. The emperor is an evil man that was helping with a disease to spread more quickly. Back to the present moment, we were outside the bar that Borugaurd did business in. We had a little difficulty with the receptionist saying “The bar is too full” and other BS like that. We finally get in and we get a greeting of hearing yelling about pelts being scorched and other nonsense like that in a separete room. John and Shaun get things to drink at the bar while Brisinger and Lisa go in to introduce themselves. Lisa isn't known to him but Brisinger is a familiar face so Naturally Brisinger's player had to improvise a lot. He knows Brinsinger from him being the emperor's right hand. He doesn't know that Brisinger's against the emperor now. Lisa goes and starts seducing him. The Dm admitted that he planned for everything except seduction. It took half the session but we finally got an appointment for the following week.

The night before our meeting with Boruguard, Brisinger and Shaun heard a scream outside so we naturally headed towards it. A giant flying “Thing” was attacking someone. When it saw us it went away. The victim was Borugaurd himself. We went back to sleep after we took care of that.

Finally the day we kill Borugaurd. He had extra guards this time. The bard was disguised as Lisa because she was missing and the ranger was there. The bard goes up and casts sleep while I am burning the living crap out of people and the ranger was slashing people with a sword. After there were three guards left one of them went and knocked out the bard thinking he was Lisa. Then two extra guards enter, one taking the body of Borugaurd, the other just starts attacking us. The two guards carrying bodies go through a hidden staircase. I killed the other two guards that were in the way and started using shadowform in the staircase allowing me to move faster. Shaun caches up but only after Brisinger killed the other two guards. There were 4 other entities in the room that were detectable but unable to be harmed. They had Borugards body on a platform and John on another one. They were saying “This isn’t the one” and things like that. I rush to grab Johns nearly dead body and run to the doorway. Shaun went up and cut of Borugaurd’s head of of his immobilized body. The 4 cloaked men don't notice any of the comotion. Shaun runs down stairs and I try to light the room on fire but I fail and the psionic power doesn’t get released. Brisinger runs down and try to leave but 7 guards are blocking the exit. In the middle of the fight the ranger gets knocked out.Brisinger handled the rest of them and was carrying two people on the way back to the tavern, both nearly dead.The wizard finally returned from a different meeting she had. We put them in bed for a rest. We also gave them health potions.


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