How I accidentally adopted a Goddess

Luck is what you have leftover after you give 100 percent.” - Langston Coleman.


no matter how hard you prepare for an encounter, how good or bad your stats are, or how good your strategy is, dungeons and dragons is a game about luck, and that is what happened to me, i got lucky. first let me give you some context, as this happens later in the campaign. We are a 4 person party, Tabaxi Wizard named Lucky, Leonin barbarian named mufasa, Human cleric named Ray, and me a half elf monk named Daki (Dah-key). the campaign is about this super plague that is infecting all of the world, no medicine can cure it, no magic can keep it from spreading, and no resistance or disease immunity can stop it from getting you sick with "The Blight". those infected start slowly rotting from the inside and it messes with the victim's minds making good people bad, and bad people worse upon early infection, next the necrotic damage starts happening and youe HP maximum is reduced gradually, then when you hit 0 you die and sooner or later you become this shambling pile of rotted flesh and black sentient puss that grows tendrils looking for more prey to infect. We are a lvl 13 – 15 party at the time of the story and we meet a BBEG, one of the leading people of the cause of the infection, we fight and are very ill prepared and get pounded, so we retreat to actually come up with a plan. My character comes from a monastery with 7 grand master monks that trained me (each being a different monastic tradition), so we think its a good idea for me to go home and ask for help, and we also ask a close by royal queen if we can have a small army to defeat this guy (Yeah, he was THAT powerful). we take a ferry to Daki's monastery, when we get to town we hear that the monastery has been raided and all the monks and the masters were missing. this strikes daki hard, his home and the masters who raised him and the friends he made training are gone and could be dead, he nearly breaks down crying before Ray's daughter 'Alloy' calms him down with a hug. Daki decides to go to the pond where its quiet and meditate to get a clear head. but his meditation is interrupted by the sounds of quacking. a team of ducks flys into the pond breaking the silence. Daki decides to buy some oats from the baker and start feeding the ducks, the DM states specifically that "a white feathered duck walks up to Daki, hops on his lap, and sits". Im not sure if this was just meant to make my character less upset or something, but i roll animal handling and get a good enough score to say "I pick up the duck and say 'you're my friend now'", i now have a pet duck thay follows me everywhere. skip forward a bit and we find ourselves in a dungeon looking for something or someone that might know where the monks were taken to. We exit the dungeon (and the duck is in my arms) to find that we are in a place that is very similar to the shadowfell, gloomy skys, wilted bushes and grass, dead trees, and a foul smelling wind that resembles a rotting corpse. All of us see a large tower in the distance and we make our way towards it and the ground starts to shake and a large blighted spider busts out if the ground, Roll initiative. the spider goes first and holds its turn to rub its legs together and generate electricity on its body, our turn. the barbarian rages, the cleric casts, i strike, the wizard…took a leave of absence this  session. the spider uses its turn to spit the electricity at the barbarian, who then uses one of his runes to absorb half of it and fire back at the spider, which did damage it but also charged it again. most of our attacks are getting half damaged meaning it must have some sort of resistance to non magic attacks. suddenly a golden aura surrounds Daki and the DM says "You get +3 to AC, and you can use 1 d4 to add to any roll you want". thats when i realized that monks get an ability that has their unarmed strikes count as magical to bypass resistances and immunities. I sheeth my sword and crack my knuckles, put on some special gloves that upgrades my damage dice while worn (what was 2d8+8 is now 2d10+8). i roll to attack with flurry of blows and…i miss the initial strike, so i use the extra d4 and roll and that makes it hit. i punch, and punch, and punch again, use my second action to stunning strike them and then punch some more. i end up doing somewhere in the high 80s for magical bludgeoning damage and…"Make a constitution save". i roll and i fail. "with each punch you make, an explosion of energy and lighting bursts out and surges through your body, you take 137 lighting damage [looks at character sheets] and you and the spider die instantly" (daki only has 117 hp). i was worried, was this the end? but as Daki's soul exits his body he sees…a says telepathically "i need you alive". and with a deep breath and a pulse of adrenaline daki wakes up with 1 hp and sees his duck in his lap looking at him, end of session. post game i get a private voice chat invite from the DM and she said (i assume she forgot to say this in game) that Daki is now aware that the duck is a lesser goddess, can can boost AC for a minute, cast bless and spare the dying once a day. later that night we set up camp with a torch to keep us warm as we took turns resting and keeping watch, our cleric tries to pick up the duck (they dont know they are a goddess) and try to pet it and possibly get it to like ray, but then it makes an angry quack thag echos through the dead forest and soon a nearby tree spews black tendrils and iniative is rolled again. Daki isn't taking any chances and stays back and only dodges any attacks that come his way. soon the evil tree is dead and we can resume resting. As Daki lays down he sees that the duck waddles towards him and nestles in his arms and falls asleep with him.


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