How I accidentally created a Character that evolved their own race. (Sort of)

Okay, so for some context, my friend is a Dnd player, who plays with a group of friends. They are currently in a campaign, FYI I'm not a player in that campaign, bec


Okay, so for some context, my friend is a Dnd player, who plays with a group of friends. They are currently in a campaign, FYI I'm not a player in that campaign, because they were already started on the campaign and didn't want to complicate things by letting somebody just jump in the middle of it, which is understandable. So if I'm not a player, whats the point of the title? Let me explain. So my friend told me all about the campaign and all the things that happened during it. When he talked about it, I would give some ideas for characters I thought of and how they would interact with the party in their campaign. My Friend really like my ideas, and he really liked one of them. Enter Cragle: a Kobold Sorcerer, that was kinda based on the Scout from TF2, mostly in personality and behavior. His story is that he was an abnormal Kobold, mostly due to being 4'6" compared to the average 3 foot size of normal kobolds. Cragle was also natural attuned to magic, but he wasn't the best at mastering the Arcane arts and would alot of the time use the wrong spell. (It would be that I used the spell I wanted and it would happen, but Cragle would mention he tried to use a different spell, Ya know Roleplay flavoring) This same lack of control on his magic got him kicked out of his tribe, after the boss asked him to make him taller just like Cragle, and Cragle accidentally turned him into a small wooden figurine, and he was promptly exiled. I said the way he would be introduced is the Tavern owner would ask one of the party memebers to check out the back of the tavern, to check if a certain pest was eating some garbage they pile out there. They would go to check and find Cragle eating a already half eaten chicken leg and a used bottle of rum, (That most likey had backwash in it) And after some conversation would join the party (Even though they didn't really ask) Me and my friend talked about this for a while, and I added a sort of twist/reveal about the Kobold. Cragle it turns out was part Giant, part Kobold, Which resulted in him having above average size for a Kobold, It also gave him a much longer lifespan than even normal Kobolds. (The magic was just because of him) My friend liked this character so much he was actually kinda part of the campaign, but as an Npc, which I was fine with. He also mentioned how they would have an epilogue campaign taking place a decade or so after the main campaign. I told my friend that since I made Cragle half Giant, half kobold (A strange combination I believe.) It caused him to not only be taller than the average kobold, he didn't actually stop growing, (Genetic F**kery I guess) So ten years or so after the original campaign Cragle went from 4'6" to an astonishing  10' 2" in size, and could be mistaken for an abnormally tall dragonborn. My Friend ALSO was making his own campaign far FAR into the future of the epilogue campaign, (Imagine Warhammer 4K but made with elements of the Dnd universe.) which is a couple thousand years after the original campaign. I told my friend that there would be a side quest, where some guy would beg the party to check out this area where he said he saw a dragon, the party would be sckeptical because, Dragons are pretty much near extinct and very hard to come by, but they agree to check it out. When they reach the area the guy said he saw the 'Dragon' they would be approached by a group of Kobolds, (The Kobolds kind of become the equivalent of the Orks from Warhammer 4k) And are brought with them to meet 'The Moutain King' They approach a mountain and quickly find a giant, And I mean HUMUNGOUS doorway shaped hole in the mountain, As they walk through, they find that its hollowed out, with a large town of kobolds with their own society, and in the center or so of this almost city sized community, is a small castle sized, stone throne with, who else, Cragle sitting upon it, who had lived for thousands of years, and due to him having kept growing, he was now 2,560 Feet Tall! (The mountain would be about 6'000 feet or so) he was now a giant behemoth of a kobold, and was still a sorcerer, and a much better one at that. He had taught generations apon generations of kolbolds how to use magic, and thus made a large amount of the kobold population adept at having magic, but just like him in the past, they all had a lack of control over it. This would just be an inside joke for the party as they meet a character from their first campaign. And that is the story of how I accidentally created a character into a reason for an evolutionary change in their race. Hoped you liked it, and found it as ridiculous as I have.


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