How I became chaotic good


This is a story from years ago. I joined a RPG guild in a city near me.  just started dnd half a year ago and was stuck as the forever DM and hoped to be a Player for the first time. I found a group that wanted to play a oneshot dnd 5e session and because I knew that beforehand I created my character: a neutral good blue dragonborn Monk named Shamash. The other players also never played before together. We had a Tiefling warlock, a dwarf barbarian and a dwarf cleric. The DM send us on our quest and the groupdynamic was so great, we just continued and became a regular group. This is where the story begins. We were traveling through a forest after hearing about a orc camp that attacks travellers. We thought of solving that problem so I climbed a tree and stealthily scouted the area. The camp consisted of around 8 adult orcs and their leader, which had a eye tattoed on his forehead. I went back to inform the others. As we were forming our startegy we were ambushed by three orcs. We quickly subdued two of them but the last one was running away. I managed to follow and kill him with a javelin but the camp was informed. So we attacked. It was a difficult fight but in the end only the leader was left. The moment before the barbarian decapitates him he says: "don´t hurt the children." The whole table went quiet. Children. We searched and found in one of the tents a group of maybe 10 children, the oldest one being a 13 year old girl with a kife she swung in our direction. We discussed what to do. We couldn´t kill children. That went against everything we believed in. We also couldn´t just take them to an Orphanage. First of because we didn´t know of one that would take orc children and second we were on a time schedule fur our campaign. The barbarian took the leaders greataxe and wasn´t concerned. The rest of us voted for the warlock to try and talk to them. She had the best communcation skills in our group. She tried but failed. So the cleric tried to give them hope but that also didn´t work. I understood that the children would never let us help them. I looked at the DM and said" what I´m gonna do now, may seem to go against my alignement but i have to do it." Shamash took the leaders axe from the barbarian and went inside the tent. He knew that his looks can be intimidating but he had to crank that up. He let lightning shine through his teeth and stood before the children with all of his height. He looked at the oldest and asked: "Are you scared?" Roll for intimidation. Natural 20. The child looks at me frightened and can only whisper her answer. "yes" she said. "Good" said Shamash and rammed the axe between them into the ground. "then survive and find me" with that he turned around and left the tent. Shamash knew he couldn´t help the children. All he could do was give them a reason for survival: Revenge against him. At least like this they would still have a goal to achieve.The DM turned to me and said: "Change your alignment to chaotic good"



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