How I got rid of “That Guy”


This little story happened during my second year of college. I was in a group that I love deeply. We've have played a campaign to completion and we loved it and wanted to do another one. So our lovely DM agreed and was setting up another one.  He was also down for having a new player. We were a big group. About six or five so we could add one more.

In came, that guy.

We all didn't know he was gonna be that guy at the time. We were an open group and gave everyone a chance. And I am a patient player. It takes a lot for someone get under my skin. Yet somehow, he managed to do it.

His character was an elf monk masked "Pro Wrestler" named, El Generico. Which we all thought a fun, funny character to play. Then he spoke. The first warning signs With a thick Mexican accent. Let it be known his appearance was far away as possible from the accent he was using. It was cringy and uncomfortable.

But we just went along cause we wanted to play and for the most part, we were having alot of fun. But more warning signs came as we kept going. Oddly enough, he never rolled terribly. For the longest time, he never had a single-digit roll. Always high rolls.

He was making it obvious that he was fudging his rolls. Fiddling with his dice as he check the number. It became a problem which he had to move close to the DM so his rolls could be watched.

What was worse that whatever charm his character had was gone. All of us were starting to realize that he wasn't a good player. Fudging his rolls, the accent, the way he interacted with the NPCS (which he hit on all of the females one), it was getting to the point.

Our DM who is probably one of the nicest dudes you'll ever meet didn't know what to do. He warned a few times and didn't want to kick him out worried about hurting his feelings.

So I decided on a plan. was fed up with the player so I would break  I would kill that guy. My character, A chaotic good bard, would kill El Genericon. 

My first attempt didn't go so well. The plan was to make it look like an accident. Using some spells to make a cave in happen while having it seem like it was a landslide or something. By luck, he had survived.

The second attempt came in when our DM set up a scenario where we got trapped in an alternate plane. And the only way to leave was a sacrifice. El Generico tried to talk reason but I had enough. A few lucky crits and I had to kill the pro wrestler monk.

Silence. Utter. Complete silence.

" That's it?" He asked, stunned.

I shrugged. "Yeah sorry, bud."

The guy left, without a fuss or much of a mess. He was cool with it and left. The rest of the players were stunned. The DM was the only one who knew of my plan and was okay with it as long I took it an alignment change from good. To Neutral. 

 It wasn't my proudest moment as a player. I didn't like it. Truthfully, I wish I could of done things differently. I wish I just talked to that guy and ask him to not use that voice and stop fudging. It's something I carry as a player as experience. And to become a more patient player.


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