how i killed a group of lizardmen with a bull and later almost killed my friend with a frog

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Ok, this is my first time posting this here, I don’t really know how it works but here goes my story has two parts: this happened in an adventure league game, ME as ME goliath barbarian/fighter I was really damaged by blow darts by the lizardmen my friends a dwarven cleric was riding the bull back towards me full force back don’t ask why he damaged a few of the others and me trying to be cool grabbed the bull by its horns and stopped it in its track it was the most awesome DnD moment for me it was like an anime scene. and i wrestled the bull and back and sett it on them killed all 4 of them at the same time 

later in the story, we were chasing them in swamps in rafts and the halfling rogue asked me to threw him at them but i missed him and threw him in the mouth of a giant toad again… the first times was not my fault… really   


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