How I killed my entire party, including myself

The story of how during our Curse of Strahd run I killed my mates, including myself. WARNING: This story contains spoilers from Curse of Strahd. You have been warned


Session 0:

We're a group of 4 people. We each have our own preferences in classes and roleplay, so we stick with the usual: Friend 1 usually plays a magic user, but after being annoyed by the lack of hitpoints of his previous characters, decides to go Aasimar Paladin (which he decides should be a female). Friend 2 sticks with the human Rogue, as he's very good with this class and, on top of that, has fun with it in general. I, who usually go for the tank, decide to mix it up a bit, so I end up being a human Blood Hunter named Connor who always wears a helmet on his head for no good reason and who tries to hide his psychopathic tendencies. I decide that I have an addiction to blood and that I have to drink a full test tube of blood every day in order not to go for my companions. However, that choice was poor as we were playing curse of Strahd: a vampire infested hell of a show.

Session 1: 

Everything goes well. We all meet each other at an inn and talk for a bit. Then, when I realize that this is the classic "create a party" method, I decide to change the tone a bit and tell my friends straight up that I like to drink blood, and that I might go for them if I run out of it. My friends are obviously dumbfounded, and so is the DM. However, we just laugh about it, after all, we are very close friends. 

Session 4:

Our characters are now fully aware of who likes to do what. My character gained the trust of the party and is willing to joke about his tendencies often. The paladin turns out to have a bit of evil in her blood, so my character likes her more than the rogue, who basically is the only rational being in the group. I try to get to influence her negatively, but we'll see how this turns out in the future. I don't remember exactly why we needed to do it but we had to visit a house in a fading town to convince the mayor to do something. However, the guards are reluctant to let us in so I use my telepathy to intimidate them by speaking Infernal to them (now you know for sure that I'm evil). But, it turns out to be a bad decision as they think that I'm a fiend coming to destroy them all. I take that as a compliment and tell them that I am in fact a devil. After a long flight, we manage to kill the two guards but one of them called for some reinforcements. Outnumbered, we try to escape, but only the paladin and I manage to do it, as the rogue was killed. My friend was "pissed but don't worry about it". The DM tells him to go for a Cleric as that character actually lived in the town where his character got killed. He goes with it.

Session 6-7:

The two of my friends are wary of my character as I make evil acts throuought the campaign. For example, I try to befriend night hags by telling them I honour fiends of pure evil, and so on. On the way to a campement, we get ambushed by werewolves. I get bitten and fail the constitution saving throw. I go with it without complaining, as my character is happy to gain more layers of evil as time goes by. After all, this is one of his major goals in life, to become a powerful being of pure evil and to overthrow the Blood Hunter school that rejected me because of my preferences. However, my friends tie me up at night to make sure that I don't escape. That was the final straw for my character. From that point on, I was going to see my carbon-based entities and not companions. At this point, a rivalry has been established between me and the cleric (guess why). Remember when I told you I wanted to make the paladi evil, well I didn't need to do it anymore as it worked. Our paladin was now a Fallen Aasimar, and my character has never been happier. I also should note that I now had a wooden box full of test tubes filled with blood, in order to make things easier for ma and the DM.

Session 9:

Now this is where things get bonkers. We encountered a revenant that wanted to have his revenge on Strahd. To do so, we needed to get the skull of an ancient silver dragon that was killed by Strahd. The skull was guarded by the deadly witch Baba Lysaga. It was a long journey full of surprises and encounters and, of course, my character didn't help much on a moral state. I need to point out that I tried to convince some witches we fought to let me be of Lysaga's "team". The DM said that it could not be done, and I said that I didn't care at all because, after all, I now had witch blood from the witches we killed. We made our way to Lysaga's lair. I wasn't a real layer, just her house, a bunch of goats and another wooden house. Baba Lysaga was not happy to see us, but the DM said that since we were still unable to beat her because of our levels, he was gonna let us off the hook. However, my character wasn't satisfied. I telepathically talked in Infernal to Baba Lysaga about how, together, we could overthrow Strahd and become the new rulers of the kingdom. Unfortunately, Baba Lysaga is Strahd mother, and it is with laughs and with "what the f*ck dude" that the DM told us to roll initiative. Baba Lysaga was powerful, to say the least, and when her wooden house sprouted thorns and charged towards us, we knew we were done for. I got squashed by one of the roots and the paladin died to a spell. The cleric and the revenant survived.

There is so much stuff I left out, like how me and the paladin got into a physical fight, or when I insulted an angel, or when I tried to become an ally to a vampire spawn, and later on to an evil cult. Now, we still play Curse of Strahd and when we get into a fight one of us says: "At least it wasn't against Baba Lysaga, isn't that [insert my name here]" and we all laugh. Now, I'm playing as a Lawful neutral barbarian and Friend 1 is now an elf wizard and, ironically, we become great friends in the game.

I hope you enjoyed the story and that you don't make the same mistake as I did and I hope that All Things D&D turns it into a video!

The end


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