How I quickly ended a mini boss fight.

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I’m a Dragonborn Barbarian with an 18 in strength, so you can imagine that I’m pretty strong. Me, my brother’s friend, and my brother were playing my brothers campaign when we encountered a Minotaur. My brother, who was the DM and a party member, was a Half-Orc bard, and my brother’s friend was a human fighter. Once we encountered the Minotaur the two other party members were kind of scared, but me being a reckless Barbarian charged right at the beast, hitting it with my GreatAxe. If you don’t already know GreatAxes are 1d12 damage, so they’re pretty strong. But instead of just hitting it, I activated rage. So, when I hit the Minotaur, which had 38 health, i dealt 14 damage in one hit, because I rolled a nat 12 on damage plus my +2 damage from rage. So over the course of two more rounds, I had killed it. Now my brother is mad at me, because I killed his Mini boss in three hits.


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