How I TPK right before the final boss of a 3 yr campaign.

(And I joined the group only 2 months prior)


So I was very new to ttrpgs having only played 1 time before and didnt even have a character. The DM said I could choose any npc in the nightclub that wasnt one of his npcs. but thats a nother story. the second time I played  I was invited to join a 3yr long campaign of Vampire the Masqurade. I told the DM i knew nothing of VTM and she said thats fine she knows the perfect clan i could be. The clanless Caitiff. I created Iori, a clueless vampire who was more torreodor then he would admit. Now to understand how I killed the party  (5 characters, 4 were players, and 1 was a NPC that was important to the story) I need to let you know what happened to Iori. He fell in love with a torreodor and was a total love struck puppy dog for her.(the dm made her look like a girl i myself was infatuated with so yeah, being 15 I was doing wishful Rping.) At the begining of the last chapter (chap. 8) she gets her soul stolen by the BBEG. (the Barron, giovanni 6th gen.) Iori doesnt know she isnt "dead" and for the next ingame week he mulls about her house getting drunk on some bottled bloodwine. As it turns out the BBEG had been shipping out this bloodwine across the city and it was his blood. I became bloodbound to the BBEG. (bloodbound happens when you drink a vamps blood 3 seperate times. you now must obey your new master, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The other player have no idea about the blood bond.) Mentally the Baron tells me to go back to my party and report anything i can back to him. He also tells me to take any of them out if I get a chance to without the other knowing. Now I'm the weakest of the group being a 10th gen Caitiff and the others are 8th-6th and the npc's were both 5th. It was time to confront the Barron. We walk into his mansion and it looks like the inside of Jarreth's castle from Labrynthe. And in the center was a black abyss. We had about a normal sidewalks width of space from wall to abyss. The main NPC (I think she was directly related to the barron) leans over the edge to peer into the abyss. The DM then starts going around the group to see what they want to do. they are allready in a convo between eachother  discussing what to do. the DM turns to me "What are you doing?"  

Iori: I look around at everyone else and say(i say this loudly so the otherplayers can hear) "Is anyone paying attention? Anyone? Hello?" Everyone is too busy making a plan. I tell the DM i push the NPC into the abyss. 

The DM's mouth dropped,"why?"

 "I have an oportunity where no one will see, remember?" I showed her on my character sheet where she wrote blood bound to barron. "I need to protect my master." 

She rolls to try and avoid but comes up short 1 suc. But apparently that ment she grabed me and pulled me with her. DM says my success in not falling in will also save her. I tell her thats fine as i grab the 2 others closest to me spend blood for my potence (superhuman streangth which was my strongest power at the time at a 5) and let her pull me in. Again the DM's mouth drops and she has to yell at the group to get thier attention. 

"The two of you are being pulled into the abyss with a potence of 5. You need atleast a 3 in potence to be able to resist." They had no potence at all. Here is where it all goes , well, down an abyss. Those characters in turn try to grab for the other players as those players try to grab them. No one could believe what happened. The two grabbing both Critted but the two trying to save botched. The entire party goes into the abyss and the DM, Laughing in a way that makes everyone scared, threw her DM notes onto the table for us all to see. And in big red marker standing out amounsgt the pencil notes read :ANYONE WHO FALLS INTO THE ABYSS IS DEAD.  Everyone was pissed and the DM had daggers for me in her eyes. Everyone asked me why i did that. I told them I was protecting my master. They looked at the DM who confirmed I was bloodbound. As much as everyone was destrought at this outcome they agreed I was playing my bloodbond properly and was now more mad at the DM than me for making me one of the "bad guys". After that all my characters in that dm's games always seemed to have a harder time. Not to mention any of the player were playing with me would do something that would affect my char and then say "now we're even" The thing was I did feel really bad about it, I just joined that group in the middle of chap. 7. They were there from day 1 and had boasted no player deaths dispite the dm actually trying to kill a couple periodically. I dont talk with that DM anymore due to personal issues but i still hear from friends of mine who still play with her. Aparrently every chapter has an NPC that looks like me that her players get extra xp if found and killed. This apparently will prompt a new player to ask who this guy is and my story is told. I guess Iori will be immortalized as the ass who ruined her campaign.


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