How me and my party got rich in are first dungeon


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Sorry for splleing mistakes and using no punctuation English was never my strongest skill.

me and my party all classmates and we all signed up for the same club we we had two thives two druids one fight and the last one I can’t rember I was a ranger & we were playing the starter set we didn’t get much done because we talked alot but when we reach are frist area we snucked in two the boss camber and had one playered down the fighter was a drgonborn he had use his lighting breath to attck but he was right behind are healer  who 1HP 1 I MEAN SERIOUSLY who can be that dumb he did end the battle but the healer failled her saving roll now the GM thank god for being so kind resurrected her and we gave her most of us gave her the shared loot affer words goblins coming in because we made so much noise then the drgonborn died and whad just won oh and this was all the goblins before we end the sesion one of the thives was going to start a new game but it would take some time so he decied to send his character to become a sheep farmer in wich would let not worried about him for some time we just need the money for it thats when I had a great idea we skin the fighter so we can sell the scales everone thought of as a Great idea we sell them as dragon scales sense he was a mix of all this was agreed with everone because the player kill are healer before the started he had said that he was going to seduce us all so he was already on thin ice we skinned him and made are way out to sell them this game would later continued on feb 18 which was are greatest day ever becuse the rouge would give us 75% of the profits


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