How Mr. J became trapped despite all his power

My untold story of how I became trapped.


As much as I would love to get directly to the title of this story and how I became trapped, I would love to tell a story with a beginning all the more, so have a seat and let’s begin. Swift darkness, darkness that was given to me by that orc. Someone I will not forget even as I am sent to the place I will surely end up for my crimes against this world. All taken away by a foolish tavern brawl, how pathetic of me. Floating in never ending darkness I wondered if this had been my punishment for the rest of time, that was until what felt like an eternity I soon saw it. The streaming ribbons of purple light, no not lights, magic. Magic that would soon flow to me and envelop my body a sound I would never forget, one containing many different whispering voices making it difficult to hear any coherent sentence but not impossible. I focused and listened to what they had to say, finally I heard one one them. “I can give you a second chance only if you listen to my instructions from this point forward.” Without hesitation I agreed but in that moment I had failed to grasp what I was soon to be a part of. 

My breath returns to me as I gasp for air surrounded by the cult of the dracolich I had commanded laying on the circle of our rituals. I look around wondering what exactly had happened to me, they had explained to me their attempt to bring me back from the dead yet all attempts had failed. I began to understand, they had failed to bring me back whereas the unknown entity that spoke to me had succeeded. The cult had stitched my head together using parts from other types of dragonborn they had kidnapped and killed as I now had to live with my patch worked face for the rest of my life. I decided to continue my plans as they originally were but with some needed changes after the foolishness that had happened. First I would track down those adventurers who took my life over a petty drink, however I came to find it not that easy for they had disappeared off the face of this world  with no trace to even be found of where they went. I had all but given up in my attempt for revenge after years of hunting, that was until i began hearing the whispers once more after so long. “I can show you where they are, the world they now reside and the many more to come.” It’s words confused me at the time thinking it of insanity but with little to no options left and the everlasting flame of vengeance I felt within me compelled me to say yes. The whispers had guided me across that world to a treasure that would soon give me my new future. Hidden deep within a forgotten temple I had finally found it, a sphere made of some strange class material completely empty, the whispers had called the object the World Hopper. As I picked up this stone it flared to life as then a singular eye made of the same purple arcane energy I had seen as I was dead. Soon after a portal opened as the whispering grew louder the closer I walked towards it, though incoherent I somehow understood what it had instructed me to do. Taking another step forward into that portal my entire existence would change forever.

The first new world I had appeared in was nothing like my original world, different people, different maps, different threats. But more confused I had found myself in what seemed like a castle of high royalty and before I could even process what was happening a man dressed much like any other king walked into the room and began speaking to me as if we had known each other for our entire lives not even off put by my face. I went along with what he was saying to me as I began finding it easier and easier to say exactly what he wanted to hear like I knew him as well. Immediately after this king took his leave from our strange conversation the whispers returned for a brief moment and I finally understood what was happening and exactly what my mission was. Time soon came to meet with the king and a friend of his, it all became clear now that history had been re-written upon my arrival and in this world I was the king's best friend and personal adviser on all things magical. As we met with the king's friend it was revealed that he was a very powerful wizard and possibly the best magic caster of this world. Before I knew what to do the World Hopper activated on its own and began draining the very life essence from them both I could then feel that surge of magical energy that had been drained enter my very soul, and in that swift moment they had both fallen to the floor lifeless husks. A new portal opening as I swiftly leave that world behind. 

I would world jump many times after that before I eventually found myself in yet another new place, one that felt important, the whispers returned. “They are here can’t you see them yet?” I looked around and began to see the world unravel before my very eyes. My power had grown so much in that moment I could see everything that was, was not, and could be. That's when I saw them, the adventurers I had been looking for. I just knew it was them but, what was odd was I saw them beyond a veil controlling people in this world like they were puppets to them, and there was one puppet master with strings connecting to everything but when I look at their face, I see only a blurred image. I felt myself being commanded to begin raising the dead, a power I had only recently acquired as I was helpless to do anything but act out the story the blurred face had been telling. I then began to see the multiple ways my soon to be encounter would end, everytime having a different ending. I made a speech and even mentioned the ‘players’ in what seemed to be simply a game to these higher beings. Battle ensued just as my visions depicted, but with an ending I was enraged by. Defeated once more by these same ‘players’ I thought my journey had come to an end then and there. foiled again with my one chance of revenge gone just as swiftly as the time before. But i was proven to be wrong as i found myself in yet another world. “You are not strong enough.” There they were again, the whispers that had been guiding me this entire time. What are they guiding me to? Am I nothing more than a puppet as well? It was that day on I began to see past the veil and into other worlds of my choosing, picking the ones that would grant me power the fastest. While I am now skeptical of this force I am not foolish enough to defy them, after all my life is literally in their clutches. So I shall carry on what these whispering voices tell me and continue growing my power.

I don’t wish to drag out the importance of this story with my other incarnations on the timeline and my other encounters with the players, stories for another time perhaps. But needless to say I traveled tirelessly, watching, consuming, and learning, still being guided by the whispers along my entire journey still wondering what their end game plan was for me. I had gained so much power I found myself able to do anything I pleased with the mere snap of my fingers. I had ceased aging along with this power becoming seemingly immortal, all powerful, one might even say I am omnipotent, that was until I ran into, them. I had apparently gained a following across the different worlds making me feel almost like their god perhaps my purpose was to guide these fools much like I was guided, but my growing in power did not go unnoticed by some. Many always wondered what would happen if the omnipotent began fighting, the catastrophic damage that ttwo beings of such power could accumulate, I would soon learn the answer to this very question. There were more like me out there, more with power similar to mine, and they did not like what I had been doing. Destroying some worlds, taking the lives of the worlds strongest, and all my attempts to stop those adventurers for good. All this power I have battling all of theirs, a battle that lasted ages in a world that would become empty from our fighting, but one of them saw that this would never end by fighting. That clever Shining Star, he had made a plan that would soon be my downfall. He had opened a portal to another world strangely enough i could not see into this world, it did not make any sense as I could see into them all, in my very brief moment in being caught off guard they had used their power to force me into this world shutting the first and only doorway into this world. At first I thought this attempt foolish, they had seen my power and they truly thought trapping me, he who roams the different worlds, in my attempt to escape I could not believe what was happening to me. I felt less powerful in this world. It could not be possible but here I float in a pocket world of nothing lacking the power to leave. I have come to realize what exactly this world is, this was not a usual world I traveled but a world made by that Shining Star! It all made sense now, I had been locked in a world that changed the fundamental laws of magic, depriving me of my source of true omnipotence. And after my entrapment the whispers stopped guiding me, can they not contact me here or have they simply given up on me. But despite this I still have followers all over the many expansions of the worlds I had traveled, and as long as I have those followers I can see into those worlds. I learned that through this following my power slowly grows once more with every passing moment in this accursed prison, allowing me to grant some of my followers power and promises, I had become the patron of the multiverse. Soon I will find a way to gain enough power through one of these worlds, Torazar the Shining Star I will have my revenge, on you, those who helped you to trap me in this world, and then finally the ones who ruined my entire existence. But for now I shall wait telling the stories I witness and biding my time for my eventual freedom.



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