How my Boyfriend Accidentally Killed his Own Character and Lived to Tell About It

How my boyfriend accidentally killed his own character in the most humorous way possible.

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I have only recently started playing DND, and get excited when I can teach others how to play. One person I got to teach was my boyfriend. We invited him into a homebrew game that my brother was DMing. The members of the party were a dragonborn rouge  named Seanna, my eldritch knight character named Jasmin, and my boyfriend’s character, Pocket. Pocket was a dwarf bard who had a bad habbit of picking fights with people. He fought Seanna after he suspected her of stealing his gold, attempted to fight the captain of a ship because he wanted to be in charge, and even tried to fight a powerful sorceress named Granny because she freaked him out. He also used the spell Chaos Bolt a lot, mostly because my boyfriend kept forgetting he had other spells. Eventually, our party ended up in the fey wild, asking a fey who was more on the friendly side than others for help. Pocket was feeling board and thought it would be a good idea to shoot Chaos Bolt around at random in a wooded area we were passing through. It hit and damaged a tree, and a disgruntled fairy came flying out of what was now reveled to be a fairy house. He screamed at Pocket for destroying his home, demanding him to pay for the damage. Pocket refused and prepared to fight the fairy. The rest of us at the table were getting worried, and tried to convince Pocket to back down. He wouldn’t listen, and even told the fairy to pick on someone his own size. The fairy then smirked, and Pocket began to shrink until he was the size of a small pixie. The change reduced his hit points, bring it down to just one. This is where things get interesting. My boyfriend asked if he could shoot Chaos Bolt on himself. He says that since chaos was in the name, maybe the chaoticnes of the magic could restore him to his old height. My brother and I explained to him that the spell didn’t work like that, but Pocket still wanted to try. The tiny dwarf aimed his finger at himself, roled the dice, and our characters watched in horror as he exploded due to the spell. Everyone at the table, including my boyfriend, went into fits of laughter over how dum Pocket’s death was. My brother laughed the most, and said that due to Pockets death amusing the fairy, he brought him back to life. This is a story the players still talk about, and is something I hope I never forget.


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