How my changeling assassin tricked an army

How one person outsmarts the army

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This campaign I’m still in takes place in Wildemount after the event of Mat Mercer’s critical role campaign 2, the Mighty Nien. Players are half-elf blade slinger wizard who wants to become the Raven Queen’s next champion. Next, an aasimar conquest paladin is a noble, calm, relaxed guy serving as the group’s tank. Next, a Stayr death cleric who always eats the bodies of every enemy we eat serves as the joke of the party and tries to scare off people. Next, a way of the cobalt soul monk hollow one. Who acts like the group’s chiller and knows how to back a good punch. Finally, there’s me, the changeling assassin rogue, the group’s scout, thief, and a worshiper of the god Mask.

Our adventure begins after leveling up to the 5th level. The group and I were traveling until we heard the Dwendalian Empire army traveling down the road, it was a lot of military people, and we even saw. Three people that didn’t fit in the military were a male half-elf, a female tiefling, and a male aarakocra. After we waited for the army to pass, our monk heard crying and traveled to it. We saw the female aarakocra and the male half-elf crying but escaping the army. Both told the party that the Blackfyre tricked them and made the three of them join the military to fill up his pockets. So we all agreed to save their tiefling friend in return for 50 GP and guiding us to the mountain. Luckily the army was camped outside of town for the night to resupply. We entered the village and stopped at the tavern.

The party then turned to me, and the paladin then said,

“Well, this is your field, my man. Go for it.”

So, lucky it was the dead of night, and the village gates would be closed in one more hour. I stealthfully entered a dark part between two builds and took off my armor, weapons, and gear, putting them into my backpack. Then putting on plus-size females’ commoner clothes, I shapeshifted into a curvaceous ginger middle age woman with blue eyes and lots of freckles. I entered the tavern and looked for a military man. I found one, a lieutenant in the army; after buying him drinks and a good roll on persuasion, I got him in the paw of my hand. I then took him outside in a dark alleyway for fun; after many kisses, I knocked him out, stole his armor and gear, shaped changed into the lieutenant, and made my way to the camp wearing both his gear and identity. After acting, I saw all military tiefling and being to free her. One of the guards stopped me.

“What are you doing?” Said the guard.

“I’m taking this solder for some discipline,” I said in the lieutenant’s voice.

DM made me roll a deception; I rolled a nat 1 as it was about to lose my character; I then remembered I got inspiration from the last game. So I rerolled and got a 16, which was much better, but I passed. I then began taking the tiefling to her friends, and tears of joy happened. They all hugged and cried as they were reunited. I then shaped changed back into my default human form and put on my original gear but got rid of the lieutenant’s armor and equipment; I then sneaked my way back into the village, reunited with the party as they finished their dinner.

We then left the village and returned with our three new friends who paid the group 150 GP total and divided it equally, who made 30 GP each. After about 10 mins of traveling away from the village, the army alarm horn sounded, and I just kept walking away with a smile, knowing I got away with it.  


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