How my character acquired a holy weapon

"This is MINE now."

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So i’ve been a player in an ongoing campaign for a couple years now, this story happened about 6 months ago. My DM and I don’t really have a “group” we play with, its usually just us taking turns being the DM in campaigns we run for eachother. Heavy homebrew most of the time but we try to make it make sense, so anyway my character is a Vampire (race) Hemomancer (class) who is chaotic good, and his main goal in life was to become a king. FFWD 1 and a half years of playing this character, and he has become a king, and also managed to thoroughly piss off several evil gods, and a whole lot of dragons who follow the aforementioned evil gods. SO! I end up in a battle against this dragon riding paladin barbarian thing(???) All i know for sure is it was riding a dragon, had holy weapons, and at one point raged. Anywho, I challenge this dude to one on one combat, and he YEETS his holy greataxe into my shoulder. Luckily the hemomancer is a very con heavy class and I am basically a damage sponge, he hits me for a solid 100-120 damage, but i have just under 200 health with a few magical items beefing my hp up a bit, and I continue to exist! I decide its time for an epic move and line, so I proudly proclaim “This is MINE now.” RIP the axe out of my shoulder, and proceed to wreck him with his own axe, after quickly downing the biggest health potion i had (for safety purposes, yknow). Anyway thanks for reading my rambling, I hope anyone that reads this is somewhat entertained by my gameplay, I didnt want to go tooooo in depth with the details because the main focus was the acquisition of the weapon. If anyone wants to hear more about the vampire Jaromir (ya-ro-meer) Stern, I’d be happy to post more of my favorite moments from his campaign


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