How My Character Became Gestalt


I've been playing D&D and other tabletop games for over a decade, often times needing to be the DM just so my friends can have someone to run a session. When I get to be a player, I'm usually the one coming up with ridiculous but brilliant plans that almost always work. From killing a lich with a tree I grew from a magical arrow to vaulting large distances between two moving ships, I've got some crazy stories. This one is probably my current favorite, though.

Due to illness and things, I've been away from gaming for a bit but finally decided to take the plunge back into it. I get a game in real life going with a friend running it but it's not quite satisfying my craving so I find a 5e group online and join up. They're level five characters in a homebrew setting and most have been together for a few campaigns already, so I'm a bit shy as the newbie and because I've never done the online stuff. Still, I roll up a Half-Elf Wild Magic Sorcerer/Assassin Rogue and quickly make a name for Nemzi as a highly competent slayer of anything that messes with the party, even soloing a couple of smaller encounters. Considering my girl's lackluster stats, everyone's pretty cool with the build and my playstyle so I begin to get more comfortable with the group.

Still, I tend to defer to the other's plans for the most part, letting them take the lead while my wallflower sits back and follows along.

Turns out, letting a Cleric of Madness be one of the group's leaders was a bad idea. We stumble upon a temple of his deity's hated rival. Absolutely incensed at the giant statue taking up the massive chamber, our cleric decides, without telling anyone, he's going to nuke the whole shebang with a magic battery he's been carrying around since before I joined. A battery I basically only sort of knew existed to begin with because it came up a couple sessions before with a lich trying to steal it.

The rest of the party sees him throwing it down and we start to book it for the only other room close by and, just as we get in, the cleric is rushing in behind us and throws a spell at the battery to make it go boom. We slam the door shut as a massive explosion rips from it and…

That's where we ended our session, with our DM deciding we would pick it up with everyone having one turn right before the explosion hits us next session. Everyone starts frantically trying to come up with plans to save their now level six characters from this but I inform the DM that I already know what I'll be doing but I'm not telling.

Some quick background on the homebrew rules because they're VERY different from anything I've played with before. The DM lets you basically make up spells or tweak spells you already know at will, with each requiring a d20 roll, usually plus arcana, and striving to get over a 20. I didn't know any of this when I made my wild magic sorcerer, and learning the stuff as I went along had become both enjoyable and gave me a chance to stretch my creative muscles. It also meant I had the opportunity to do something that wouldn't work anywhere else and my plan entirely relied on it.

Well, it and the hope that I could roll well, something I rarely do.

The next week we all meet up and I'm buzzing with energy. I've not really spoken to anyone for fear that I'll blab my idea and everyone's curious but no one's pressing me. We start the session and our DM's first words are 'Roll Initiative'. I get a middling result and end up going somewhere near the middle. Cue everyone else diving for various forms of cover, throwing up what defensive spells they can, and so on. Then it's my turn. Nemzi strides confidently forward, eyes glowing blue as she moves to the door and places her hands there. 

A bonus action to convert sorcery points to temp hp, if things go wrong I'm really hoping my squishy girl won't die. And she only has one spell slot left which I intend to use. She yells at everyone to get back behind her and the last couple of people comply just as the magical nuke hits them.

My DM begins to tell everyone to roll saves but I interrupt him. "I cast absorb elements." There's a bit of chuckling because this is definitely not a huge twist and I've built it up for so long so there's a bit of a pause as people wait for me to finish. So I add in "My wild magic sorcerer is going to try and absorb all of the wild magic energy."

That got their attention.

So now I'm tweaking a spell and the DM says 'go ahead, roll a d20'. Tides of Chaos popped for advantage and boom, I make it. With a natural 20. "Okay, I used tides of chaos and I'm casting a first level spell, does that activate wild surge?" 

"Uh… sure, that sounds hilarious."

Roll a d100 and what do I get? 72. Resistance to all damage.

"Okay, stacking that with absorb elements I'll say you're immune to the damage from the blast, now roll a will save to try and contain it," the DM said, relying on his homerule stuff to make this epic, and I'm laughing because of how stupidly perfect it's going so far.

I pop tides of chaos again to get advantage on the save and roll another 20, my second in a row. I've gotten exactly 0 the entire campaign so far so I'm laughing and Nemzi's just standing up and drawing in all the power of the explosion. A good chunk of it still hits the rest as it engulfs the room before she can drain it into herself but no one dies and when the smoke clears we're standing in the middle of a 200ft crater and Nemzi is glowing.

Now she's the magical battery and everyone, including her, is just staring at the glowing as they patch up wounds and what not.

The rest of the session wasn't the most eventful, it's hard to top something that big right at the beginning, but it was fun. Afterwards, the DM and I chatted and came up with a plan. I agreed to give up 25% of all my xp and get only 75% of xp going forward. In exchange, I was going to convert my character to a level 5 gestalt Sorcerer/Rogue. Considering the OP homebrew stuff some of the other characters are rocking, I'm not worried about outshining anyone but I am absolutely loving having the extra awesome and I love that it came from a wild, crazy, roleplay idea.

Now I just have to figure out how Nemzi the Shard-touched is going to top it.


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