How my character made an overpowered weapon.

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Hi this is my first post here so I'm gonna try to make it a good one!

  The story begins in a world of Greek mytholog with mine and 4 other characters being Demi-gods, trying to become full time gods.  Now to introduce the characters: there was a Druid who was the demi god of sloths and rainbows, a wizard who was the demi god of being forgettable (I couldnt remember what their thing was) And two others who are not relevant for any of the tales in this.  And then My character: an artificer sorcerer known as Rick Rollon (yes I named him that, I have a reputation for having silly characters).  Rick Rollon is the demi god of joke magic items, but his domain was changed to ai because at the time of the story I had 3 robotic pets and a hydra egg.  my robois were a cannon (because I was an artilerist) but it had Some modifications from a robo bird, a mecha corgi dragon named yanper by our Druid, and a clay golem I could transfer my soul into.  At the most recent session we had only three players me the druid and the wizard so we did a side quest.  in Summary, some guy had his boat broken by talos a mecha human who protected the island of Cret.  We headed over to Crete to investigate, nearly dodging a sword from Talos in a levitating log we carved out.  When we arrived, my 2 full robot companions began to malfunction, so we asked around for anyone smart enough to figure out what was going on.  We were pointed towards the king of the lands castle where some genius was being held by the king to make cool stuff for him.  We tried to get in but we were denied access so we had to make something that rivaled what the dude in the castle made, so we got to work on A SUNLIGHT LASER CANNON.  When we were finished we tested it out on a fish. 26.  the Fish was burned to a crisp.  We then entered the castle to demonstrate our weapon.  We were told to fire it at an apple.  Nat 1.  Everything around the apple is OBLITERATE.  After some bickering with the king, we were told to improve the cannon with the guy we were looking for.  After some repairs and modifications we notice some sus things about this guy.

1.  He seems oblivious to the fact that all the aether  cores (the stuff that makes automatons go brrrrr) in his place malfunction

2.  He has a spare infected aether core and some purple powder (the color of infected cores).

3.  He insists that the new design encorperate an aether core.

despite the sus ness we trust him and leave the blueprints and pets so we can go down to the main chainbers to test it.  It of course malfunctions and the dude reveals that he was behind everything and that we was in that place for 30 years.  I realize he's going to use the thing to kill the king so I act fast and cast heat metal on my sunlight laser beam gun thing to stop it while laughing like a madman.  While partialy damaged it isn't under the guys control anymore and it has 2 shots left.  I fire one at one of the dudes robots, dealing 1d20 damge when all of a sudden talos pops up and the dude reveals a button that will explode a bomb, killing my pets and destroying the blueprints to the weapon so it may never be built again.  Our Druid was quick to snatch and destroy the device but that triggered a countdown timer in the robot I shot.  We tried to kill it in time and we succeed but it still went off.  It was incendiary that only burned the blueprints which still upset me, but that didn't matter because while all that was going down, the guy that caused all this mess was running away.  We successfully capture him.  That's all for now as my next session is in a few days, wish me luck!


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