How My Dwarven Wizard Changed Alignment with One Spell

This is a story about my Pathfinder Conjuration Wizard, Boflim Diamondmind, and how my use of a certain spell caused the DM to change my alignment.


I played in a masterful many-year campaign in Pathfinder created by a local artist and played with a group of friends I had from local parlor game groups. This was a few years ago, so some of the details may be a bit light. First, let me introduce the party:

Me: Boflim Diamondmind, a Dwarven Conjuration specialist Wizard with the Ancient Emnity class variant
Marune Fallingstar, a Tiefling Rogue who loved to attack from above
Yurgen, a Dwarven Monk of the Snapping Turtle style
Redgar, our Half-Orc Barbarian questing for his ancestor's armor
Kevlana, our Aasimar Cleric and Captain of our airship
And the DM, filling in roles as storyteller and NPCs along the way

This story takes place shortly after the Compass Knights (our group name, as we had a mystic compass that would point us towards our main quest goals) reached level 5; this was a big deal for everyone, but especially me. I had just gotten my hands on the Pathfinder Ultimate Magic guide, and I found the perfect Conjuration spell to help us on our quest against mostly humanoid antagonists: Mad Monkeys. For brevity, Mad Monkeys was a 3rd level spell that would summon a swarm of monkeys, which could then pummel, bite, and steal from any target within their mass of swarming bodies. Sure, it wasn't stealth-friendly, but I figured having a persistent, screaming mass of confusion on the battlefield would give Marune and Yurgen much-needed cover to do what they did best. Of course, I did not tell anyone in the party that I had taken that spell, opting instead to show off Summon Monster III.

The Seed Compass had taken us to a desert city where we were trying to obtain the Shard of Aasimar, a small gem with the potential of the Aasimar race contained within. While we were there, Marune was constantly accosted by the locals, as Tieflings were commonly used as slave labor or to fill brothels with exotic (and disposable) escorts. We were shopping in the bazaar when, after two days of being ignored and berated, Marune had had enough. She made it clear to everyone that she was going to free as many Tiefling slaves and escorts as she could, and arm them against their former masters. That's when I saw my opportunity.

A nobleman had just emerged from a shadowed stall, leading a very ill-looking Tiefling girl by a collar and chain; it was clear that either he was going to hurt her or had been abusing her for some time. Boflim looked over at Marune, put a colorful Bird of Paradise he had bought into Yurgen's hands, and said only "Get ready". Marune's player had played other role playing games with me before, and worked out that I was about to do something incredibly devious, so Marune nodded to Boflim and got into position.

Boflim walked off from the party, seemingly muttering to himself while doing a long, drawn-out casting of a spell, effectively using two actions to cast a full-action spell. Once done, Boflim "bumped" into a nearly-empty barrel, knocking it over as he unleashed the spell within the barrel.

The entire table went quiet as I turned to the DM and say: "I cast Mad Monkeys, and I want the swarm to come running out of the barrel and straight at that noble."

The DM was stunned. The rest of the table started building up some noise. I passed the Ultimate Magic guide to the DM, turned to the appropriate spell, along with the printout from the Monster Manual on the stats of a Monkey Swarm with my notes on changes from feats and class features. Kevlana, who acted as the de facto party leader, sighed and said "Welp, I guess this IS my circus now" before going into fits of silent laughter.

I was asked to roll Sleight of Hand to see if I could keep my spellcasting gestures minimized; due to a Luck point granted by the Seed Compass, I was able to barely pass with an 18. So no one assumed I had cast a spell, and instead assumed the monkeys were sleeping in the barrel when I knocked it over.

The noble was immediately overwhelmed by the swarm; having no armor, useful weapons, or even decent combat training, he was pulled into the swarm, beaten with the furry of a thousand monkey paws, nearly deafened with the screaming, and robbed of literally everything on his person, including his loincloth. Meanwhile, Marune rushed in, taking the chain from the swarm and running off with the slave girl to safety.

The commotion alerted local guards, of course, but they couldn't get close to the swarm without having their spears and shortswords yanked free from their grip, so they could only surround the swarm and try to extract the now naked noble. As the spell wore off, Boflim gave a telepathic command for the monkeys to run back into the barrel with their prizes; the monkeys dispersed from the swarm, diving back into the barrel before vanishing from view and existence, leaving only the noble's torn clothing, a sack of coins, and the weapons of four guards.

As our night drew to a close, the DM looked over at me. "I know you stated your character was Lawful Neutral, but with you using that spell in that way, I'm going to have to ask you to change your alignment to Chaotic Neutral." Two of the other players groaned at this, as they had played with people who took Chaotic Neutral to mean Chaotic Stupid, and they wanted to make sure I didn't accidently make this an evil campaign. I compromised with the group and made Boflim Chaotic Good, which was fine by me as it opened a cool prestiege class later on in the campaign.

So that's how Boflim Diamondmind became canonically the Chaotic Good Conjuration Wizard who would use summoning spells to pull pranks on those of Elvish descent.


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  1. That’s a pretty hardcore prank. Love this story, hope the campaign’s still going strong!

    1. The campaign ended a few years ago, having concluded with all of us reaching Epic status (Level 21) and taking out a multiverse-ending entity.

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