How my Fox Wizard died killing a Mind Flayer in a blaze of glory.

My Kitsune Wizard dies fighting a Mind Flayer, but not before killing the sucker with a point blank Burning Hands.


For context, this was roughly into my first year playing DnD. In the middle of DMing Curse of Strahd, I joined another group with a DM who came from out of town and wanted to run a homebrew campaign. With his help, I put together a Kitsune race using the Swift Shifter as a base. I did eventually create my own homebrewed Kitsune race but that wasnt until much later. for the record, yes, I am a furry, but I don’t let it be problematic. Along with my wizard, who I named Seratsu, the party consisted of a gnome barbarian named Jaque, a gnome warlock named Bright Eyes, a Warforged Paladin named… Bacon… a Teifling Wild Magic Sorcerer named Quest, and a human Mystic named Yurina. 

Fast forward a few months, and we are exploring the underdark at level 4. We were tasked by the officials at a Dwarven City called Bluebright to investigate the recent deaths that have been happening. It doesnt take long before we find a corpse of a dwarf, and after investigating, found he had puncture wounds in his head. The DM didn’t tell us outright, but the entire party pretty much clued in immediately. There was an ilithid down here. Exploring the dungeon was no cakewalk either. In our first session down there, we fought an earth elemental, two displacer beasts, and a teenage fire giant. After several more encounters, including one where the teifling nearly dying as a result of his wild magic dropping a fireball on him, we found the mind flayer. We made sure we were all healed up and any spell slots recovered before running in. We found ourselves in an ancient temple, probably of Ilithid origin. but we didnt have the chance to investigate. Before the fight, the Mind Flayer attempts to convince us to join it, but we refused and rolled initiative. Our fight starts off strong, with my wizard nailing the ilithid with a scorching ray, and the Mystic using a psychic grapple to bring it down to ground level. Thats when things started going south. The mind flayer summons his two minions, a dwarf clad in spikey armor, and a drow elf wielding a poisoned sword. In just a few rounds, the dwarf had grappled our paladin to the ground and our sorcerer had been downed by the drow. On top of that, we took major damage from the flayer’s mind blast. It also attempted to charm us with its psychic powers but we managed to save against it. Torn between hitting the dwarf and free our paladin or killing the drow so our sorcerer could recover, I aimed at the drow and cast magic missile at 2nd level, dealing a great deal of damage, but not enough to kill it. 

In the meantime our warlock focused on healing the sorcerer. Our paladin keeps trying to break the grapple but the dice gods keep denying him, and gave the dwarf natural 20s in the two attempts he made. At this point, the Mind Flayer started doing something odd, using its psychic energy, it attempted to bring to life the dozens of statues that lined the pillars of the temple. However it did not have enough psychic energy to do so. The DM rolled to see who it would target, and it was me, the Kitsune wizard. It rolled high and had me grappled and psychically stunned. I failed my save to resist the stun and was left with only 4 hit points left. Our warlock cast sacred flame on it but it wasnt enough to break its grasp. Meanwhile the sorcerer chose to end the drow, fearing if he left the elf alone to try and save me, the drow would’ve downed him again. And once again, the paladin just couldnt shake off that damn dwarf. 

I thought it was over for me, until the DM said something. “As the Mind Flayer sucks at your conciousness, you feel the stun’s effects end. you have enough strength for one final action. What do you do.” I knew this was my chance. So I told the DM, “I raise my hands to the ilithid’s face and cast Burning Hands at level 2.” Using this as a reason for us to level up, the DM described how my wizard reached deep inside him and summoned all his remaining power, and more, for one final attack. Resulting in my Burning Hands upgrading from a level 2 casting to a level 3. I didn’t even need to roll damage as the DM described how the blast melted the ilithid’s face off and incinerated him to the point where there was nothing left of his head. 

With the Ilithid dead, the dwarf went inert and the Paladin got free. Sadly, the party got no chance to mourn as whatever the Ilithid was doing had left the temple unstable and about to collapse. Our Mythic’s player made a reference to lord of the rings, noting how the wizard went down fighting. And with a smirk, I told everyone how, in his final breath, my wizard uttered, “Fly you fools.” After exchanging a few laughs, we jump back into character as the party was forced to leave my body behind as the temple collapsed. This was the first time one of my characters had died, and it came at a good time too as my family and I were due to move away in a few weeks. Weeks prior to this moment, I had told the DM that my time with them was growing short, and he asked if I would like my character to go out in a blaze of glory before I move. I answered yes. I guess in a way, my character did go out in a blaze of glory. Both figuratively and literally.


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