How my friends’ characters went through the whole campaign while using the trench coat method


Thanks to the quarantine, my D&D group and I discussed about having an online D&D 5E campaign over discord. Since I already homebrewed a campaign, I figured we should give that a try.

Fast forward one week later, and we were ready to play.

The characters consisted of a human wizard/cleric named Goreff, a dwarven bard with a musket named Tharthrum, a halfling ranger named Helena, a halfling warlock named Phil Smith, and a halfling sorcerer named Cliff Widdler. The three players who play the halflings came up with a brilliant idea of stacking one another using the trench coat method with Cliff on top, Helena in the middle, and Phil being the legs. It sounded confusing at first, but the players have discussed about how certain things like initiatve order work. 

With that settled, the game began. The players head into a large town called Gearopolis, where a blue dragonborn named Jartrin Larnash, the mayor of the town, assigns them a mission to track down a criminal organization that’s been stealing valuable items and selling them at high prices.

Fast forward to the players finding the main hideout in a town called Talonskeep.

Thanks to the help of Goreff’s raven familiar, and the help of beast sense, the players located the organiztion’s hideout, disguised as a normal tavern. That’s when the Trench Coat Trio come into play. They enter the building, claiming to be normal commors who wants to join, while the rest of the party wait outside. One of the members takes the trio to meet Thraftnir Slickclaw, the leader of the organization. After a small conversation, Thraftnir told them to watch his office while he goes out for a secret errand. This gave them the chance to look around while letting the rest of the party in since most of the members were out doing their own thing. After a quick investigation, they found enough evidence that would put Thrafnir to jail for life. Once he came back, he was immediately ambushed by the players and taken to Jartrin. After locking him up, Jartrin awards the players with bags of holding. After that, Jartrin tells the party of a guild that offers various mission not too far. The only question he asked was…”Are you up for the challenges that await you?”…

                                                                                                            -To be continued


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