How my group fell apart after one session

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At the time of this story, I was the DM for a fairly large group of 10 people. The main characters of this story are Mike, a ranger, Aiden, a CE sorcerer, Reece, a aarakocra paladin, and Aiden a wizard (I think, its been a little while). We are playing Aquisions Incorperated, and they had decided to create an underground base in a old shack. Things were going pretty well so far, they had paid a group of dwarfs to mine out the base for 1500 gp or so, and that blasted through most of their gold. They then proceded to post some signes of offering to do jobs, because they had bladted through most of their money. But as they were doing that, they got an offer to go and do some clearing out of a pit with some storm giants. They accepted the offer, as they needed money badly to pay for monthly expenses of the base. They went to clear the storm giants, and they took a stealthy approach and snuck past a few giants. When they got to the boss/main room, which was a stage area with chairs lining the room and a stome cealing that was about 20ft tall with a storm giant on stage. Now Aiden had happened to pick up the spell fireball, so when he saw the Giant, what he did was inevitable and most likely the stupidest thing i have ever seen: he cast fireball in a 20ft tall room. He did end up hiting the giant and two fellow players, amd the cealing colapsed on 8 of them. 4 of them died. 3 almost died and were knocked unconseus. The other three had to try and dig out their not dead players, but the giant wasnt dead. While the players were trying to undig themselves, the giant was hurling bolders at them. When the fight was over, the players came out victorius, and the giant was dead. Then bolted out of there, and when they got back to their base they got arrested for “disturbing the peace and causing massive disturbance in their local area”. Instead of searving what would be a tenday in jail, Aiden and Michael fought back and tried to kill the guards while Reece and Aidan tried to kill MICHAEL AND AIDEN. They were all taken to jail, and i promptly ended the session. The party was begging me to kock oit Aiden and Michael, and i just couldnt bring myself to do it. and now everyone hates me. And that is how our group fell apart in one session.


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