How my little sister nearly killed everyone

She's not the smartest Rouge


 to be fair this is the DMS first time doing a Homebrew the people involved in this is me a druid wood elf, my older sister a fighter arakocra, my little sister the one screw up of a human rogue, cousin number one the DM, and cousin number two  a tiefling bard.

in the beginning of this campaign we were all level nine the campaign eventually  fell out because the DM didn't know what they were doing. As to my sisters  screw-ups I might as well start from her first screw up.

We were in a forest surrounded by a mixed group  of Ware creatures as my little sister having the highest charisma decided to talk to them by calling the leader a werewolf a little puppy and offered him treats. surprisingly he offered us life if we give him the heads of the people who were upsetting the balance of the forest one for each person.

The second time she screwed up nearly caused my character to die if it wasn't for that direwolf my druid character summoned. What happened this time is because of her being a rogue she decided to sneak her way into the center of our enemy's camp. Once when she gotten all the information she needed she decided to stand up *sigh* in the middle of the camp, and ran straight towards us. The fight that ensued populated by five Druids and three fire Elementals. My character literally had to run away to heal herself before she died. In the end we won the battle but the Dire Wolf my character summoned turn to Ash while fighting the fire Elementals. 

the campaign ended after this and I don't know what happened to our characters I believe they all died because of one of the little sisters screw-ups.


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