How my Paladin got the party to win a tournament and get away with killing a noble.


I was playing what is to this day, my favorite character. Thamokles, a Paladin of Tempus, and the party had been investigating rumors that a noble had been using gangs to increase his power and influence. These would usually range from everything from aimple thefts to full blown murders and assassinations. After we take out about five or six gangs, we finally have aolid evidence confirming the noble is corrupt. I suggest we tak this information to the authorities, bit the party instead decides to confront the noble directly. We make our way to his manor, and begin talking to him. Turns out he was already aware of what we did and discovered. I ahould point out at tgis point, my paladin has little patience for diplomacy, and even less for arrogance. After a brier back and forth, its revealed that almost every guard in the city is on his payroll, then the noble snidely states, "You imbeciles dont get it do you? Well then allow me to spell it out for you. You. Cant. Touch. Me." That was myvlast starw, I tell the DM, im attacking him. He aighs and tells me to roll , Nat 20! I end up dealing max damage, as the DM is describing my spear basically skewering the noble's head, I say in character, "Looks like THAT was a lie." The DM is silent for a moment and tells me to roll an Intimidate, another Nat 20. As we turn to leave the building, we notice that every guard makes it a point to be as far away as possible from us. Flash forward a few days and an artifact we were searching for turns out to be the grand prize of a tournament, so naturally, since it was a combat based tournament, the party has me sign up for it. Thanks to a few good rolls and one or two bad ones, I manage to make it to the finals. It's all down to a one on one fight between me and the reigning champ. Little did any of us know, the champ was one of the top Knights in service to the noble I slayed. We walk out to face each other and the knight immediately recognizes me. Surprisingly he drops his shield and weapons, turns around and walks away stating "No thank you, I'm not suicidal. I forfeit."


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