How my party faced a true Fae


This story takes place in one of my favorite campaign settings Vampire the masquerade. For those of you who have either never heard of vtm or just never played it, its essentially a personal and political horror based game where you play as vampires in the modern times. Now for some context, this took place close to the end of our campaign, in which the party was trying to stop Caine (the first vampire) from bieng summoned in Los Angeles. The party consisted of A Losombra voice actor (A vampire that can manipulate shadows), A Gangrel hitman ( A vampire who can polymorph into animals) and A tzimisce surgeon. (A vampire who can sculpt flesh) At this time the party was trying to find a way to decode an old tome they had descovered when another vampire stole it. this did not sit well with the Losombra's ghoul (a human servent) who wanted to get it back. a few days later he was gone and the vampire had been robbed. however Jim (the ghoul, who was 15) was nowhere to be seen. after a bit of detective work they tracked down his last whereabouts to be an old dilapidated school. The Tzimisce was immediately nervous as they had a run in with ghost a while back. That all changed when they saw the car out front however. It didn't take them long to realize it belonged to vampire hunters and charged into the building when they started hearing gunshots. once they were inside things only got worse as they saw two vampire hunters be surrounded by thousands of moths. when the moths dispersed they were nowhere to be seen. confused and a bit horrified by what they saw they slowly inched further into the school. slowly each one of them got abducted by the moths all except the Losombra who hid behind an iron gate in the basement. from a cluster of moths in the cornor appeared a small child who looked to be about 11 or 12. he offered the Losombra a deal. he could have his freinds back and his ghoul in exchange for someone he loves. now vtm has an interesting mechanic known as touchstones. Basicly someone who makes the vampire feel human. In his case his girlfriend. I warned the player that doing this would drastically effect his humanity. But in order to save his freinds he agreed. however he wanted to talk to her first. this turned out to be a mistake. you see he never told her that he was a vampire, and after she saw the fangs she did the only logical thing. she screemed. she called him a monster and attempted to call the police. the commotion got the fae's attention. 


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