How my party stole a Roc egg, and let loose its mother on an enemy camp

This is the story all about how a little band of misfits stole a Roc egg from its mother, and used it to sabotage an entire war effort.

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So I am part of this big Discord group of D&D players, where we are involved in this homebrew D&D world called Keerial. This story is about one of my most recentl PC’s – Jason Ranger, the Human Gunslinger Fighter. And in this session, he was joined by Damu Proudstander – a Goliath Rune Knight Fighter, Rish the Green Kobold Arcane Trickster Rogue, and Darius Grasswhren the Centaur Circle of the Shepard Druid. 

In the current timeline, the country Jason is in – Kiparia – is at war with another countries forces – called the White Garrison. THe reasons aren’t important, but what is important is that a session ago, it was discovered that Raiders funded by the White Garrison were harassing trade caravans in Kiparia – Jason was involved with that mission, and learned from a Thri-Kreen that they had taken up a base on the location that was their home – and we did not have the forces to take it on ourselves. However, the Thri-Kreen told us there was a monsterous beast in the mountains that could easily clear the base out if we stole its egg, and snuck it into the camp for its mother to snatch back. In the next session, Jason learned that the creature in question was a Roc – a colossal bird the size of a battleship. 

Keep in mind – most of us were Levels 3 and 4. If that thing spotted us, we were as good as dead. But it was our best chance at a successful mission – so our party set out on land speeders to head to the Mountains. (Jason rode on Hoseback with his trusty stead, he’s basically a cowboy). 

After arriving at the mountains, our party made our way upwards – fighting through several encounters to get to the top. Some giant scorpions and spiders, and some Harpies. Jason nearly walked off a cliff when he was charmed by the Siren’s song, but the Goliath saved his rear with a nat 20 athletics check. After a short rest, we finished the journey, and arrived at the nest of the Roc – which thankfully wasn’t home at the moment. 

While Jason kept an eye out for the Roc, Rish snuck into the nest to nab the egg. The idea is that we’d stuff it in his Bag of Holding, but he had to climb up top of the egg because it was to big. But belive it or not, Rish just casually pulled out a ladder and climbed to the top – set the bag over the egg, and caught it inside like it was nothing. And from that point on, we ran like hell was on our heels – and after a while, the Roc came home and… she wasn’t happy. She started attacking EVERYTHING in her radius, giant scorpions, wandering patrols of White Garrision troops, a Purple Wyrm at one point and just crushing them in her claws, or letting them fall to their death. 

The only reason we weren’t on her list (yet) was thanks to our Druid who cast Pass without a Trace on us, and we all rolled absurdly well on our stealth checks. Plus, since the egg was in the bag of holding – it was in a different dimention, hence – according to the DM – “was the only reason it wasn’t heading towards us”. 

So we rode our horses and speeders towards the camp – but then we came into a bit of a dilema. The original plan was that we’d pose as traders trying to sell the egg to them, but after seeing its rampage we doubted that they’d be willing to take it off our hands. We had an idea of sneaking into the camp and just dropping it off, but that was way too risky… so Jason had a plan. 

“Put the egg in the back of the Speeder.” – Jason.

“What?” – Rish

“I’ll drive towards the camp, jump out, and let the momentum carry it the rest of the way. The Roc will smell the egg, and assume the people in the camp were the thieves – not us.” 

The all thought it was crazy and way to risky for us. We were actually considering using a Baboon to drive the speeder in (summoned by the Druid) to take the heat, but Jason was legit worried a Baboon might crash the speeder and cause the egg to crack. He’s chaotic good, so he didn’t want any harm to actually come to the egg. He saw his idea the best way to ensure the egg’s survival since the speeder will start to slow down once he takes his foot off the pedal. 

The other begrudgingly agree, as Jason gets in the drivers seat – and tells Rish to ‘drop it’. He drops the egg into the back of the speeder, and in an instant that Roc was making a beeline towards me as I floored it towards the camp. The Roc zoomed over the rest of the party, focused soley on the speeder – and at the last moment I jumped out. I failed my Dexterity Save, and I took 31 Bludgeoning damage – I had 32 HP (never took a single hit in the entire session until that point btw). As Jason stood up, broken, battered but alive – he watched as the Roc tore into the town – grabbing people and dropping them from the air, as he limped back to the rest of the party – popping a Second Wind to give him some HP back before they all returned back to base for their reward. They deducted our pay a bit because we lost the land speeder, but hey! We were all alive and well, and we all got XP, Downtime and a good haul of Gold.


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