How my players decided to try to kill the BBEG when they were extremely underleveled.

I'll quickly go over the campaign and how my players got extremely more cocky as the campaign went on until they decided that they were strong to kill the BBEG.


The group arrives on a ship to a small town called New Port, non of them had ever been to this continent before. The party consisted of a wizard human named Har, a cleric dwarf named Gaddur, a orc bard named Jovron and 2 paladins that were a couple the tiefling Nora and the human Noel. The party members had known each other for a while and already spent a lot of time together before they decided on traveling together to the Nogian Theocracy, the party spent some time in New Port doing simple missions and requests for the town and eventually got free rooms at the Ugly Donkey Inn, Jovron offered to sing for free at the Inn in trade for their rooms. Few feeks after they arrived they decided that they should leave and head to the next town but not before saying good bye to the Innkeeper, Noel spoke with the Innkeeper thanking him for the rooms, "But wait you better not go now wait until the festival tonight" the Innkeeper told them. Noel was first thinking of skipping it and leaving now but he asked his party members and Jovron said "I will fight everyone who says no", so the party decided to spend one more night and leave early in the morning. During the festival Gaddur and Har had gotten incredibly drunk and went for a walk, at the same time Noel and Nora were enjoying the scenery of the calm ocean while Jovron laid past out on the street. Gaddur and Har noticed a big old stone building that looked a lot like an ancient church, "Look it's your work place Gaddur lets head on in and talk to your boss" Har drunkenly said and Haddur just laughed and they went inside, they noticed a big black axe in the center of the building hatched into a big stone and it was all chained up, the chains stretched to each wall.
"Hey look at that i bet you 10 gold i can pull it out" Gaddur said, they went to it and unleashed the chains and Gaddur grabbed onto the axe and rolled a nat 20 and picked it up first try but as soon as he did he got a vision from a mysterious woman and she looked him right into his eyes and said "I see you and i thank you". Gaddur sobbered up and told Har that maybe this wasnt a good idea, they started heering humming and chanting and soon all the town could hear it and the festival came to a sudden stop as thousends of cultists appeared from no where approaching town chanting something no one understood, Noel and Nora rushed towards the center of town carrying Jorvan with them. After a short while a portal started opening and the party saw a woman inside the firy portal and she put on a horned helmet and lifted her hand, the axe Gaddur held flew right into her hands, "WHO ARE YOU" Nora shouted, the woman looked at her and calmly answered "I am Demitra the fallen one, the conqurer and slayer of man, one of your friends has unleashed the final seal and i am now free". 

Demitra proceeded to walk towards the party and they redied their weapons, Demitra told them "Calm down, i do not wish to harm you since you freed me, infact i shall reward you, i will give you a head start i will start my conquest in a few months far away from this town". Noel decided to attempt to attack her and not let her escape but she grabbed his sword and whispered to him "You should be lucky human that i slay you not now, in my eyes all humans deserve death but i must punish you for you'r attempt", Demitra threw him to the ground and shouted to the cultists to summon the army and thousands of imps and demons came from her portal "Destroy everything don't let anyone survive, besides this party here do not harm them" Demitra comanded her minions. The party engaged a few fights against imps but Demitra eventually knocked them out and as they awoke they saw New Port in ruins and blood everywhere, the party decided to try to stop Demitra as soon as they could so she wouldn't destroy more towns.

Cut forward a few sessions have passed and the party has reached lvl 9 and deffeated some of Demitra's generals and thats when the party made a fatal mistake, the party new Demitra was near Abenon (the capital) so they decided to scout for her and eventually found where she was. I advised them not to do it but they thought that since they deffeated some of her generals they could take her on. I gave my party a lot of freedom so i decided that if they wanted to do it, i should let them do it even tho i knew they stood no chance. 

The party entered her camp and all the demons and warriors under Demitra's command left the part alone, as they approached Demitra's war tent she sat on a throne delighted to see the party and if they wanted to join her even if the humans could join. Jovron shouted at her "WE ARE NOT HERE TO JOIN YOU, YOU WENCH, WE ARE HERE TO SLAY YOU". Demitra let out a dissapointing sigh and some of her men entered the tent and engaged a battle with the party, the party won but Demitra had gone and the rest of her men as well. Har noticed a smoke in the distance and saw Abenon on fire, "Hurry we must go to Abenon" Nora said calmly.

The party entered into Abenon fighting waves of enemies and saving citizens in danger while doing this some of them gained new level but that was not enough. The party looked everywhere but could not see Demitra then they heard a voice booming over the city, "I had so much hope for you, but you have dissapointed me, now FACE THE WRATH OF THE FORMER EXECUTIONER Of THE HEAVENLY BEINGS".

The party looked up in awe and saw Demitra drop from the tower of Abenon and as she landed on the ground the earth beneath her cracked and the party rushed at her. They were nothing compared to Demitra, after a while of batteling Noel decided to rush at her alone and while Gaddur healed Nora and Har provided ranged support to Noel but after Noels first swing Demitra threw im on the ground, "You humans truly are good for nothing" she said as she cut his head off. Nora cried NO and the whole party was shacken, thats the time they realized they probably attacked to early. Nora was overcomed by emotions and rushed at Demitra even tho Gaddur advised her not too but he couldn't hold her down. 

Demitra taunted Nora, " You'r friend deserved to DIE he was the wrong race and made the wrong".
" HE WAS MORE THEN A FRIEND TO ME YOU RACIST BITCH " Nora shouted at Demitra and all she did was laugh at how pathetic she was. Gaddur rushed in to help Nora and Har shot a fireball at Demitra, she simply looked at Har and told him bad idea and she rushed towards him and in one fell swoop she cut Har in half. 

Jovron had been cowering in fear in a corner but he decided to help his friends and casted mass cure wounds since he had some spell slots left. Demitra put all her attention on him now and quickly the orc bard Jovron was no more, Gaddur and Nora decided to have on final stand and attacked Demitra together but that wasn't enough and shortly they joined their fellow companions.

And thus ended their stories. 

After that my players wanted me to run the campaign again but they wanted to be smart the 2nd time and learned more about who and what Demitra is and what her plan really was and faced her later in the game.


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