How my pyromancer Aarakocra ate a Purple Worm

This is the story of Ikki, a light domain cleric that continues to shock my DMs dreams of a steady story in the Sorm kings Thunder campain for D&D 5E. SPOLERS

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Ikki started like every other cleric in D&D, but he is a bit deranged. Follower of Kossuth, the god of fire, Ikki belives he can become a Fenix if he works hard enough. The party was made from a Human Barbarian named Artem, a Hexblade Tiefling named Pristool, and a Rogue Halfling named Eldon. On the very first encounter of the party, he charged the gates of nightstone. I have already played the campaing so i thought to change thing up a bit. By the time we were done, we cleared the whole town and went straight to level 3. With no rest we decided to fight the upcomming bandits and i melted their skin with “holy light”, ending the life of what i know are “very important future NPCs”. That became what the party calls my first WAR CRIME. Our strong and mighty barbarian stood still agains the bloody enemies, and didnt land a single hit with his spear. So the party started giving nicknames, his was Artem “The Wall”.

After defeating the remains of a fleeing band of orcs, we enter a cave to rescue the civilians taken prisioners by goblins. Ikki again melted the goblin boss and every other living thing exept for the party, screaming “bless be Kossuth” (second WAR CRIME). So to make fun of Ikki the party started to mock him by calling him “The Terrorist” (by the way, not funny to me (but pretty acurate)). After the goblin confrontation, we discovered 2 ogres standing wacth over the civilians and soo my Aararocra burned them alive. By this point i am doing over 120 damage every combat encounter, my DM is a bit frustrated and so am i. I really like a good fight but i keep hiting max damage every single turn. After healing the wounded and trying to convince the party that i am a pyromancer and not a “Terrorist”, we traveled back to the destroyed town. We are given instructions to travel to another city, there we must give the news to the brother of a dead sister. By this pont i am the most rich member of the party (1000+ gold) and i even try to gift 1/10 of my gold to rebuild Nightstone.

Not too long after starting our travel, a flying tower apeared out of the clouds to reveal a giant mage. With a small interaction, he procedes to speak about his goal to help us reach Bryn Shander. We accept but with caution. On the third day, a band of cultist apears, and so we decided to fight them. One turn, in one turn Ikki with 24 in iniciative killed 16 enemies ending the fight on the spot. The nickname semented as more than a joke at this point (third WAR CRIME). So we sit at the giant table and begin to eat giant food. by this point i became a great friend of the mage, we are both travelers and nomads so we have a lot in common, besides i speak giant so we talk a lot. At this point my best friend form the past Artem is taking a bath on a giant soup, Pristool is praying to his weapon, Eldon is now a Half elf Draconic Sorceress called Kriss in her period (dont ask), and in one of my many productive chats with the grat wizzard i mencion my love for worms. And soo the giant gives me a gift for the ages. a dish made out of a great Purple Worm and some magic. It was at that moment i realized i fufilled one of my hidden dreams as a player. I succeded on a CON saving thow with a nat 20, and thank the giant for such a wonderfull dish. My adventures will continue, Ikki is a kind and gentle soul that just wants to burn living things. Pyromancer to my friends, Terrorist to my enemies. 😉


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