How my sister’s first D&D character broke our DM

Hello all, I have a funny story for you, my sister's first time playing D&D and how her character broke our dm.


Hey everyone, Geoffrey again, and I thought I'd share how my sister broke our dm. 

So the group I plaied with was quite roudy and playful, and my sister wanted to join in so our DM allowed her to roll up a character, and join during a side story that he Ran with the campaign. 

A DMPC created a new Guild and took in several new members to said guild, and as a test of character, our characters were sent to a Magi's tower to deliver a message to the occupent. 

Along the way our group saved a small hamlet from a Bandit attack, earning us a bit of extra renown and exp and loot from the bandits. 

After that battle we made our way to a City, by a small river that was land locked the nearest body of water being 2 days travel away.

We decided to hit up the local tavern and we get food and drink, my character orders Fish and the DM in character berated my Character for a good 10 minutes about how hard it was to get fish into the city. 

After my character was breated it was time for my sister's character to be introduced. 

The Tavern diod this thing where Two Goliaths bringing out a large barrel of Ale and my sisters character inside, using her powers to sprey the drink into cups or at the patrons for a party. 

Then the following exchange took place…

DM: what is your Characters Race?

My Sister: Sea Elf!

DM: *looks at my sister then at his Map and then all of a sudden the Ocean moves from whence it was to just outside the City* Welp there's the ocean now, seafood is no longer an issue I guess… 

Me: oh it gets worse…

Dm: *looks at my sister* what is your Class? 

My Sister: Druid

DM: Of fucking course you are… what is your name? 

My sister: I don't want to tell you… 


My sister: …River…

After my sister told our dm her characters name the DM dropped his book and notes and gets up from his seat and leaves as we all laugh and poke fun at the DM over what just happened. 

When the DM regains his composure and returned to his seat he cleared his throat and we continued the mission. 

After we finished the mission successfully "with many water themed puns from my sister" the DM askes my sister to play with us. 

My sister agreed and she planned to make other sea elves of other classes and giving them other water themed names. 

The world suddenly had an extinction event that affected the sea elf population….

Not really.


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