How my unlucky druid destroyed the beginning town.


This comes from a 5e campaing run by a good friend and now long term dm of mine. The players were a human rogue (De'jure), half-elf wild mage (Lucan), a half-elf paladin (Shalana), and myself a elven druid (Korner). We were your average party starting at level 3. The dm told us we would be starting off in a little town called Oakvale that was just starting off and was asking for aid from adventures. The DM informs us that this will be our homebase for a while, so we best start getting in good with the NPCs. We do various quests to help the town, and we get more renowned around the village. Fast foward to the 7th or 8th session. Korner was starting to make a romanic connection with a NPC and was staying with her family while the rest of the party was off staying at the tavern. I wake up one morning and find that my lover's brother is sneaking off into the woods. Without thinking, I turn into a bloodhound and start trailing him (without alerting the rest of the party). I eventually catching up to him and the bandits that he was meeting on a regular basis. I tell the DM that I want to listen in on their conversation before heading back. I should mention that we were using roll20 and discord, so when he gave the details of their interaction i only heard the phrase "kidnap the girl" and "ransom her back." My mind immediately went to the mayor's daughter since she is the most valuable. In reality, they were talking about my lover and Discord had cut out at that point, but I decided that Korner had missed that info from being too far away and used it for RP perposes. I rush back to the party and tell them what's up and we rush to tell the mayor. He asks us to go take care of these bandits and protect his daughter. My lover asks if we can spare her brother, in which I agree. We go to the meeting spot I had discovered earlier and fought off against a bunch of bandits that were out of our league. The bandits had a leader who took out Shalana, and shortly after i went down as well. With both healers down, Lucan and De'jure had to retreat back to town as to not have a TPK. The bandits gather our unconsious bodies and take us back to their camp. While Shalana and I were being transported, the other two members were gathering forces to take on these bandits



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