How our Bard Summoned a Beholder

I play Rodrik The Black a black dragonborn Fighter alongside with Lu a Tabaxi Ranger,Thrill Deathsong a tiefling bard and Kroq-gar the Lizardfolk Barbarian


the party (all lvl 5) is forced to fight in an arena by an evil Overlord,if we kill enough of his minions a blood portal in the center of the arean opens for us to escape from,we kill about 4 of the goblins when we get pinned behind the various pillars in the area by a line of goblin spell casters,Thrill trying to distract them so Kroq and I can charge them,uses major image to make an image of a Beholder,the DM asks him to roll arcana to see how much he knows about beholders before he cast the spell,Thrill rolled a nat 20,so an image of beholder appeard but because the image was so clear from the nat 20 the beholder actually manifested and couldn't be dispelled cause of the antimagic radiating from its central eye so there was no way for us to get rid of it,but the beholder starts killing the goblins and filling the blood portal to the point we can escape,Kroq jumps in first then Thrill,Lu and i are the last two and its my turn i go to run to the portal when the Beholder spies me and uses his death ray,i've already taken some damage so if that hits me i will go down and because its a beholder deathray i will die instantly,i make the save by 1 as i see a beam of dark energy cut through the ground right in front of me then me and Lu jump in the portal and escape. That was the most exciting and scary combat encounter we have ever had and we will never forget it


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