How our goliath rogue pulled off a near impossible rescue mission.

this is a story of how my thursday group of inquisitors managed to pull off a daring rescue risking death to save a teammate who had be captured but a mob.


Corlis our groups youngest human rogue had gotten herself captured by one of the local mobs and they were planning on torturing her for information. Taskar a slim swimmer build goliath rogue, Dolokov gnome monk and their instructor had received information of where she was being held, a facility that has a pharmacy as its front. Dolokov noticed that the facility was well guarded and that a frontal assault would be a very bad idea, as the guards in the front were armed with plasma rifles. so they began to look for an alternate entrance, that came in the form of a medium sized ventilation system.

Taskar used his thieves tools to open the grate blocking their entry to the vents, then he said to his companions “ill go in, be ready to back me up if anything happens” before entering the vents. he crawled until he reached a fork in the path then quickly took the left most vent. as he passed an opening in the vent he could hear some of the mobsters say “Oi you hear ’bout tha girl that got caught following some of our guys?” “Yeah ran quite a bit that one, would have escaped if she hadn’t tripped on that pipe on that roof. part of the inquisition as it turns out, boss has ordered us to… interrogate ‘er to get some information on ’em” he continued right as he reached another opening in the vents hearing yet another conversation “d’ you think this ones gonna die before we get anything from ‘er too?” “you know our orders get rid of the body if they do” at this point Taskar is trying to hurry and find a way out of the vents he takes another right and ends up over a storage room with a few cardboard boxes and a fuse box mounted to the wall, he attempts to look through the opening in the vent to see if any guards are in the room when a puff of smoke comes through causing Taskar to cough  (nat1 on perception), as he heard a door slam open, he crashes through the opening in the vent (nat 1 stealth).

He is now discovered and there are four bowler hat wearing mobsters pointing plasma rifles at him as he hears the sounds of charging plasma. he attempts to hide behind the use box which prompts one of them to say “can anyone tell me what the big gray guy did wrong?” to which one of the other guys asked “he tried hiding behind something that only protects the top part of his body?” which the guy replies “very good bobby, alright.. smoke ’em!” and they unleash a torrent of plasmafire on taskar. 1 miss 3 hits as one of the hits reflect of his magic barrier dealing a considerable amount of damage. he attempted to jump up to the vent to escape but once again the dice gods are not on his side, he falls back down as they unleash another torrent of plasma rendering him to 8 hp as he then attempts to get diplomatic.

Taskar changes his accent to that of his home land (thick russian) “What will it take for you all to stop shooting at me” to which the vocal mobster says to him “raising your hands and singing like a little girl, now what the hell are you doing in here?!” Taskar raises his hands and says to them ” i was sent here to test how well our security is here at the facility” it is not a good roll but he manages to fool 3 of them 1 one of them though is not convinced, but since every one else seems to trust it he reluctantly says “alright, but were gonna have to get you out tell the boss that we did a good job as they kick him out of the facility (littereally)

Taskar goes back to the allie way only to find that guards have found his previous entrance, and were planning to close it off. “ill go get some tools to seal it tight” said one of the guards as he walked away leaving the other guard to hold the position. Taskar attempted to sneak up to the guard with a decent stealth roll, however the guard nat 20’d perception and noticed him coming and asked “Oi what are you doing here!” to which Taskar pulled out a bottle of Vodak™️(our settings equivalent of vodka) and threw it at him nat 20.

a clunk and a grunt can be heard as the guard is knocked unconscious and the bottle falls to the ground still intact. Taskar takes the bottle, the guards cloths as a disguise and stashes the unconscious guard in a dumpster as he also takes the keycard in the possession of the guard. he walks to the front and enters, no one the wiser as he walks through the hall ways. he reaches a hall way where he sees two guards in front of a door. around this time Corlis wakes up but cant see anything her hands in binds, she tries to move only to feel a sharp pain in her foot where she had been shot with the plasma blots continuing to struggle she falls over the chair now on its side, corlis hears the door open.

Taskar over hearing the guards “the interrogator should be on his way soon” replies with “Yes i’m here to investigate” “investigate? investigate what?” “i mean interrogate excuse me” he passes his roll “all good man we all make mistakes go on a head” hey open the door fo him. to which he sees corlis on the ground and says “well you’re really energetic” before closing the door. Corlis begins to panic as she does not recognise the voice, Taskar leans in and whispers “Its me taskar” causing corlis to sob in relief. Taskar then cuts her restraints but leaves her blind fold on as he is low on health and didn’t want corlis to see if he were to fall. He slings her over his shoulder and sets up a magic barrier, gets ready to bolt through the door.

Taskar bolts through the door prompting an attack of opportunity from the guards, blasting him with plasma fire 1 miss 1 hit knocking out his barrier as the guards yell out “intruder shoot ’em!” another guard coming out of the corner of the hall readying his rifle, Taskar pulls out the bottle of Vodak™️  and smacks him across the face as a torrent of plasma fire flies by. Taskar bails and runs towards the exit prompting an attack of opportunity that takes him down to 4hp, there are two guards on each side of the door when Taskar once again tosses the bottle at the guards face another Nat20 the guard is knocked out as Taskar swoops in picking up his bottle of vodak™️ and running out the door prompting more attacks of opportunity only one hit, minimum damage Taskar is now at 1 hp and he is running away from the facility as his instructor blocks the oncoming attacks by raising a wall of stone promptly yelling “GO i will take care of this!” Taskar does not stop running as he yells at his instructor “thank you!”

Taskar now some ways away from the battle lets Corlis down, removes her blind fold and helps her walk towards their rodavous.



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