How Our Pacifist Druid Got Me Knocked Out In Our First Session

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Me and a group of close friends recently began a homebrew campaign. I won't go into plot details, since we haven't reached a point where it's clear yet, but for purposes of the story, the DM asked us to make sure our characters would be living in Waterdeep at present day (that is to say, the beginning of the session). I created a young High Elf Wizard named Eryn, and my best friend had created a Druid Firbolg named Boro Boro.

We were all randomly drafted to join the city guards, and each spent a few months training in our respective camps according to our specialties. One day, 11 of us guards in training, and one rogue prisoner are summoned, and as we wait for orders in a room, this is where our characters met each other in game. It turns out, two new captains had been assigned their teams, and this is how me and my party ended up being a group, under Captain Clint.

One thing to note before we continue, Boro Boro was raised by human farmers. He spoke little english, and he hated violence, despite his huge size. He was very easily made distraught in the face of conflict. As you can imagine, this is all important later on.

We were told we were going to have a ceremonial match between each team under the new captains, just to see what we were made of. This was not an evaluation of any sorts, but it was our first battle of the campaign, so needless to say, we were all excited!

Open colosseum gates. 

We begin the match, and for the first few rounds, the opposing team keeps succeeding their saving throws against my spells. Obviously, I'm a little annoyed at this, but Im still somewhat enjoying myself. Also, did I mention this was MY FIRST GAME EVER? Yeah. I had been studying DnD for quite some time, so I was familiar with the mechanics and I wasn't too lost; all that studying made my excitement for this first session all the more better. So not only am I wasting spell slots, but its my first session and I haven't been able to do anything! 

Anyways, not long into the battle, and our paladin engages combat with their half-orc barbarian. Now, since Boro Boro is a pacifist, and these aren't exactly enemies, he's in the back of the colosseum, absolutely losing his mind and panacking, because he doesn't understand why we have to fight other fellow guards. So as our paladin finally brings the half orc (who had notably been giving us a lot of trouble) down and weakens her, Boro Boro heals her wounds, and says "Booboo.. no hurt.. no more.." with a smile, satisfied with having helped a fellow guard, without understanding the position he's putting us in. Our party in real life was both baffled and dying of laughter of what had just happen, since he proceeded to do this a second time. It was the best love story of 2020.

More fighting began to break out, I engaged in combat against their Dragonborn Sorcerer, as our paladin kept on trying to fight the healed up half-orc barbarian, and Boro Boro Boro, frightened by all the fighting, proceeded to morph into a chicken, ad try his best to run out the gate. At this point, I don't know if I'm amused or annoyed by Boro Boro's character. But as if thing's couldn't get worse, that's when it happened. 

The sorcer, being at point blank, attacks me with scorching hands, but I manage to evade. Our DM narrates "I don't know how, but when the sorcerer attacks, Eryn pulls out a matrix like move, and dodges everything in slow motion." We laugh. But even so, I needed to get out of there.

You see, me and our paladin were next to each other, and although we were mostly focused in our own fights, we were all within each others reach. I was trying to get away, seeing that I was beginning to run low on my already scarse amount of hit points. When it came time for Boro Boro's turn again, Boro Boro, being in a complete state of panick, morphs back into his original Firbolg form, screaming "Stop..! Fighting..!!", and proceeds to cast Entangle; to make grasping weeds and vines sprout from the ground in a 20-foot square where our paladin, dragonborn sorcerer, half-orc barbarian, and me where all fighting. Me and our paladin got entangled, while both of the members of the opposing squad succeeded their sacing throws.

Luckily, my turn comes first. Unluckily, I fail my strength saving throw and remain entangled. Sorcerer's turn. He breaks free. He attacks with scorching hands again. Needless to say, I don't matrix myself out of this one. I have 1 hit point remaining this time; to which I sigh.

And then I hear it.. I hear the question I never knew I dreaded most.

"Wait, are the vines flamable?" said my other best friend. DM checks. He finds no specifications, but we all agree it's logical. "Everyone in the vines take 3 damage," says the DM. To which I state "Aaaaaaaand I'm dead".

Somehow, our party still managed to come out victors in that ceremony.  We've had 2 or 3 more sessions since then, and my wizard has proven to be one of the most capable in the group, but more importantly, Eryn and Boro Boro have formed a truly special bond, and Boro Boro has since learned that the protection of his comrades is a priority.


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