How Rogue tried to become assassin


That session was in 3.5 and took place few years ago but I still remember it clearly to this day. Our party was composed of Paladin, Cleric, Wizard, Ranger and Rogue(me) but most important PC duo at the time was Ranger with my Rogue. We were around 10 lvl and DM suggested that I can pick Assassin prestige class because my play-style was rather close to this profession and at this moment story begin. Haron(Rogue name) met almost all requirements except special exactly the character must kill someone for no other reason than to join the assassins. I thought for few seconds…"OK when we get to town or something similar I would go somewhere from the party to get this done"…but most on the time our party was in wilderness and after few sessions we finally get to some remote village. This was the moment PC was waiting for. After some talk out of room ranger told me he will help me find good target. We didn't need to spend a lot of time on looking, because Mayor which was an absolute assho** to the party and his citizen and because of that he was on my sight. Now I needed to find some time or situation to kill him, but fortunately or not the same night I planned to do deed, village was attacked by a lot of skeletons and undead animals. Everybody in party and some citizen with local guards started defense near walls and I in this time while helping them was looking for my target and what;s worse couldn't find him anywhere. After a battle when party helped at church to heal citizen and in meantime rogue with ranger was looking at what happened to Village until… Ranger looked into the well which contained as u can guess Mayor where hiding there from when attack was happening. Then Ranger told my PC that Mayor is in the well and I can take ..Care.. of him. After asking DM if this will count to special req,..he nodded. After that I pulled my bow and one-shot Mayor which didn't needed hit roll. At the same time Ranger came to the church and tell EVERYBODY that he funded mayor in well. When party with few guard's came to pit full of diluted blood and corpse that filled almost all space in well they fished him out and from insane checks from guards they find it was me who killed him, they found it after fletching then I was trying to bluff my way out like.-Maybe he got shoot by accident when fight broken up- and rolled nat 1. Of course they didn't believe it and at this point I was thrown into wooden building which served as prison and of course I was mad at Ranger but he tried to redeem himself by trying to help me get out of jail by setting WOODEN building on fire. Of course I was tied by some simple rope but still I couldn't move normal but with nat 20 on strength roll I managed to free at least my arms and then jumped from the window to survive but i still was captured then transported to bigger city. Session ends. At this moment I was ready to tear my character sheet but my DM took it and after one session break for me(DM told me to). My party came conveniently came to a city where i was taken and as a some kind reward for guarding caravan he invited them on to fights on The Arena. After some time when group could find some place to seat and watch, fight in small ring was mid way trough. Then DM invited me to room he told party that they need to roll spot check which they all passed he reintroduced my character as arena warrior who needed to fight few fight to regain my freedom. When the rest of my party saw where and what i was doing they got brilliant idea…the started betting on my fights to earn some money which they didn't even share with me.

 But I still love to play with those guys.



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