How The DM Ruined a Friendship

A DM/Friend I played with tortured our other friends character leading them to leave and cut all ties to the DM.


Me and my friends were playing a campaign following our old campaign, I was a Wood Elf Barbarian and our third member was playing a Kenku cleric child. (We did have another player, my best friend/DM's significant other, but they were only here for two sessions.) The campaign started off pretty normal and great, we had all bonded and were planning to travel together, but it got dark pretty quickly. The DM began targeting the Kenku, locking them in a dark room with a dead body and no way out, making them go outside in a snowstorm and get attacked by a dire wolf and my character conveniently was not there nor could hear them calling for help. I should mention that the Kenku had a stuffed animal they loved dearly and the DM kept taking it or making it disappear. The truly terrible part came when the DM started to turn my character away from the Kenku, making it seem like the Kenku was evil or crazy, then stating "Even regression is character progression". Then we saved a small aarakocra child from slavery and the DM would not let us drop it off somewhere and made it come with us because "actions have consquences." Overall it was pretty awful, finally the Kenku's player messaged our group chat and said they were leaving it and then blocked the DM. I honestly can't blame them. 


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