How the dm tried to ruin my character


This Tory was not to long ago, in the party we had me, a dark elf warlock, a rogue, a ranger, a Druid and a monk. The story begins with me sitting all alone at home not being able to play dnd because everyone was on a holiday. Then one of my friends came back and asked if I wanted to play a "solo campaign." Off course I said yes and we played the module, I started at level 3 and with only 2 hours of playing I was almost level 5. He found this weird since he said I didn't do much, so he told me to downgrade my xp to 2,700 which is the xp to exactly be level 4, in reward for a magic item. I worked along because I was too tired to be in a discussion with him.

next campaign another friend came back from vacation and we played dnd with the 3 of us, the same guy being the dm and the other was the monk. We were playing the dragon of icespire peak module. When we were playing the module we were just having fun doing the quests. We burned down a house full off orcs, got myself a nice poisoned shortsword and the monk reached level 4 as well. When we did the 3rd quest: the woodland manse, the dm decided and I quote "the dragon burns down the mansion" i played this campaign before and I remember that it was a white dragon which does cold damage. i told him this and he considered it meta gaming. but he's always the one that looks up creature stats and always complains when his character wasn't as strong as the ranger. For the record the ranger was an expert at character creation. I was frustrated and used the magic item to kill the dragon. Me and the monk almost hit level 5 until the dm interrupted us while we were discussing what we were going to do with our new level. He said we'd have to downgrade our xp again until it leveled with the ranger's. Lucky for us the ranger was just a little lower on xp than us. The ranger was still on vacation but fortinute phones exist.

in the end I decided to make a paladin. Which he was finally ok with. It was an oath breaker but he didn't mind since he doesn't consider Paladins to be an good class while he only plays warlock without even knowing how spells work.

that's right he doesn't know how spells work.

we are now planning an campaign, we're going to play curse of strahd. I'm very excited and very looking forward to it. Unfortunately it's the same dm. We argued a bit about character creation for the rest of the party and my xp. He threatened to change monster statblocks because the party didnt like what he was doing.


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