How the DM was determined to kill the entire party during my first campaign.


I’ve been playing D&D on and off for around 2 years through the Atlanta Drunks & Dragons community. All of them one shot campaigns. I’ve been wanting to play a real campaign for most of that time and eventually DM some of my own when the time comes. 

Late last year, the Atl D&D announced that they were doing a charity campaign where everyone who donated would be grouped up, based on the campaign we chose from a list starting in January and have to get 4 sessions in by March. I donated and chose the campaign entitled “A little bit of panic, a whole lot of profit”. We were to meet Tuesday nights until we completed the campaign.

We were to create a level 4 character in accordance to the D&D Adventurer’s League rules. Mine was Jarrakas (Jaw-Raw-Cos). A white dragonborn paladin. The rest of the team were Thorim, a dwarf cleric, Chime, a kobold wizard, Varan, a wood elf monk, Gronk, a half-orc barbarian, and Cordak Danner, a halfling ranger. 

Throughout the course of the campaign, everyone had trouble pronouncing my character’s name, which I’m rather amused by. Half the time they referee to me as Jurassic Park. 

Session 1

We all met at the Temple of Joaquin where we are greeted by a priestess escorted by two embossed stone golems. She apparently has a love of earth elementals. We were tasked with bringing back the Atlas of Tamar. A map that will lead the priestess to the Plane of Fear. A dark dimension where a Great War is to take place. We were to be paid 500 gold along with a favor of our respective gods for doing so. She also gave everyone 30 gold to start us off with and a healing potion for each of us (1D4+2). Thorim and I were told by the DM that we were to be on the lookout for someone with one green eye and one blue eye because we had to immediately kill them and the other characters are not aware of this.

He said that this was decreed by our god Tempus, a god of war. I made the mistake of not choosing a diety for me character to follow before the game began so I just went with the Cleric’s god. Looking back, I probably would have gone with the Silver Flame if I had remembered to pick one earlier, but I have no regrets with Tempus. 

The priestess brought us to an elderly wizard who looked like he didn’t like his job, who was going to teleport us to the last known location of the map. He said “Another group? And so soon?” We were curious as to what he meant by that. Before we could ask him about the previous group, we were teleported to a darkened area before a great door guarded by two young looking guards. As we got our bearings, Thorim threw up as he doesn’t like teleporting. As he was puking, one guard handed the other a silver coin saying “told ya”. 

As we walked up to the door, Varan asked the guards about the previous group. The guards told us that the last group went in five months ago. Varan asked if they came back at all. The guards didn’t know because they had been on the job three months and no one had come out. One of the guards offered us some arms and wares to aid us before we went in, for sale of course. Cordak and Thorim both got two sets of crossbow bolts. 

After that, the guards opened the door to let our group in. Inside was a cave tunnel somewhat lit by bioluminescent fungi along the ground and halfway up the sides of the tunnels, so we didn’t need the use of a torch. After the door closed behind us, Thorim decided to bang his shield with his hand axe twice to hear how far down the tunnel goes and we heard two hits of something in the distance. He banged his shield three more times and we heard three hits. 

As we continued on, we came up to a fork in the tunnel, we encountered two gouls and a ghast. 

The only damage sustained in this encounter was done to me due to a Nat 1 on Varan’s attack towards the ghast. 

When we killed them all, their bodies disintegrated away except for the ghast, who left behind bleach white bones. Upon rummaging through the bones with his axe, Thorim noticed a symbol that was etched on the skull. His history check revealed that this symbol was the mark of a notorious serial killer known for targeting men with gray hair. He killed his victims by flaying them, leaving only their scalps intact. 

While we ventured further, we came across a 30 foot pit. Chime had the idea for Gronk to pick him up and throw him across the five foot open with a rope, piton and hammer so that he can hammer the piton in the ground, tie off the rope and someone ties off the other end so we can shimmy across it, except for Gronk and I who run and jump over the opening. 

We made it to an open area that had two other tunnel entrances. In front of us was a tunnel with a multitude of holes on the sides and on the right was a passageway that was magically closed off. Varan grabbed a rock and threw it at the passageway and it bounced off of an invisible barrier back at him with equal force. 

After that, Cordak checked for any other traps and found that there was a concealed pressure pad in between the tunnel with the holes and there’s a three foot wide hole in the roof to the left of us next to the wall with another pressure pad beneath it. 

Cordak tries to disarm the traps as best he can. A pillar of ice covered in a thick layer of frost falls from the hole in the roof, landing still. Thorim determines that there is a significant amount of magic emanating from it. None of us could make heads or tails of it so we figured we would come back to it later. 

Cordak determined that the holes in the sides of the walls held arrows ready to skewer anyone who trips that trap. Due to some mediocre rolls, he only deactivated the arrows on the left side. Thorim takes it upon himself to cross the trap with his shield facing the right wall. He passes through with only one arrow hitting his leg. 

That passage led to a room where there was a freshly dead body hanging from a stalactite. A body that was flayed except for his scalp with gray hair. The small room also had an altar that had a charred bone on it. Varan picked it up to investigate it and he started to attack Thorim and Chime who were in the room with him. Gronk barred the door by himself to not let Varan out. When it was my turn, the only sensible action I could take was to cast Divine Sense to determine if Varan was possessed. Gronk briefly opened and closed the door for me to sense the monk (as the action could only work if the target wasn’t behind total cover). He in fact was possessed by whatever magic was inhabiting the bone. Thorim was able to free the monk somehow. 

Apparently, touching the bone before diffusing the magical trap will get you possessed. Also, the bone is in the shape of a key. 

After that, we all made our way back to the open area where we are greeted by a mysterious, middle aged man. One who had one blue eye and one green eye. 

End of first session. 

Second session

Second Session

As we reentered the open area, there’s a man standing in the center. He’s dressed in all white robes. Has dark colored hair, short beard, one blue eye and one green eye. He says his name is Newbye and knows why we are here.  He says he is from the Plane of Fear and that he just wants to get back home. He offers to pay us more for the Atlas and steps away to let us discuss amongst ourselves what we should do next. 

Before he gets too far, Varan asks him what he knows about the cylinder. He informs us that there’s an ice elemental inside the and that he had nothing to do with it being in there. He proceeds to walk off towards the pit and walks over the pit opening as if it were solid ground. I guess Thorim and I forgot the kill him when we had the chance. Whoops. 

Most of us decide to explore the tunnel passage that we haven’t explored yet. We go down it to find that tunnel is pitch black  for at least 50 feet long with no fungi to light the way. Those who have Darkvision are in the front, leading the way. I stay in the back to cover the rear, out of suspicion of Newbye. 

As we go down further, the tunnel narrows so that we can only go through one at a time. The other end of the narrowing is illuminated by glowing fungi that surrounds a 30 foot wooden door, Cordak picks the lock only to find out that it’s already unlocked. As he pushes the door open, two sets of massive blue spider legs come out of the top of the door then disappear as we look up. In the middle of our group appears a phase spider while the second one is climbing down the wall behind the group that’s in front of the door. I roll a nat 20 for initiative and rush to the wall crawling phase spider since its the closest and throw my spear, rolling a nat 20 to hit, instantly killing it, With that spider dead, it falls, pinning me up against the wall, creating a 10 foot obstacle.

As the second spider phases out, Cordak runs through the door to find a wide open chamber that’s filled with eggs and sees an altar on the other side. Upon realizing his predicament, he yells back to the rest of us: “Don’t come in!”

Second spider phases back in the chamber and attacks Chime, misses and leaps back. As the rest of the group rushes in the chamber (except for the Thorim who refuses to face his fear of spiders), 3 baby spiders hatch to our immediate right along with to other egg clusters shaking. Cordak attacks and kills the second one. 

I use my breath weapon on the entire right wall, freezing and instantly kills the newly hatched spawn and the rest of the eggs. More along on the left wall hatch and attack us. My CON save was a nat 1 and I take 4 poison damage. Chime casts ice knives, killing the spiders that attacked me and I take 2 cold damage due to the proximity. 

As the rest of the group takes out the rest of the hatched baby spiders, we discover that the only egg that didn’t hatch is an ice dragon egg. Cordak heads to the altar to find a spider shaped key on it and takes it. The cavern starts to get really cold, really fast, going down 1 degree every second. Ice begins to form from the ceiling and goes down the wall. We all get out as fast as we can. Chime tries to grab the egg but proves to be too heavy and leaves it. The door freezes shut as we slam it closed. 

We all agree to take a short rest after that encounter and the DM says that we level up to 5 during the rest. 

After we rested up, we head toward an undiscovered tunnel. Cordak detects a trap at the opening. He triggers it to see what happens and down drops a guillotine blade as wide as the opening and slowly goes back up. Varan and Cordak go through unscathed thanks to high DEX rolls. Chime casts Mage Hand to hold the blade in place to no avail. Gronk decides to demolish the blade with his spare great club, breaking the blade and the mechanism in the roof operating it. The trap is now “disabled”. 

We approach a massive door. 30 feet wide, 40 feet tall, made of solid iron. Thorim determines that its dwarven made. The DM explains that it would be easier to bore around the door rather than through it. Cordak tries to pick the lock but ends up breaking his tools in the process. 

We decide to go back to where the ice elemental is to release it, seeing as we can’t think of anything else to do. Chime casts Comprehend Languages while Thorim and Cordak speak in abyssal to the elemental. She says her name is Layla and was part of the group before us. We tell her that that was five months ago. We ask if Newbye was responsible for her imprisonment, she said that he wasn’t, that it was a big red fiend is responsible. She was put in the cylinder soon after most of her party fell to their deaths in the 30 foot pit. Apparently, they were idiots. 

While we are there, Varan tries to see if our efforts in the spider chamber had any effect on the magical barrier, so he decides to chest bump it. I stand behind him should he get set flying backwards across the room. He chest bumps the barrier and gets sent back into my arms as I catch him. Thorim suggests that Layla lead us to where she last saw what was left of her group was heading and she agrees. 

She leads us down where she got ambushed, The path has a spike trap that was still armed. We all decide to go another way for now. As we go down the only path left, we meet a “trident” in the road. It’s real dark and Cordak lights up a torch for the rest of us who don’t have Darkvision. We go down the left path. 

50 feet and a sharp left turn later, we approach a hooded guard, facing us, standing in front of an altar. As we get closer, the guard addresses us: “Halt! I know what brings you here. And while I take no part in what will happen in the end, I cannot let you continue unless you solve the riddle. 

Riddle: “Whomever makes it has no need for it. Buys it, but has no use for it. Uses it, but does not see it, nor fill it”. We are given three chances to answer correctly. If we don’t get it by the third try, we’ll have to fight the guard. Gronk gets it right on the first try: a coffin. 

The guard moves aside to show a red, lion head key on top of the altar. The guard informs us that this goes to the second door. And that a bone key the third door, and a spider key goes to the fifth and last door. 

We already had the spider key and the bone key. 

The guard also informs us that a Demon Hunter came before for the same reason as us and that his group had perished just before he got to the red key altar. And he gives us advice on the next two paths. Only that: One leads to treasure, and the other leads to death. 

As we head back to the trident in the road we see that the middle path is somehow shimmering and the right path I filled with moving vines half way down the tunnel. 

Thorim leads the group down the right path and is immediately grabbed by the vines. Chime shoots a fire bolt at the vines to burn them away which has no real effect. Gronk bulldozes his way to the end of the tunnel and spots a vial of liquid on the ground. He takes it and Thorim on the way out. 

After recovering from the damage done, Cordak points out the the vial is filled with “Blade Oil of Death”(1 action to apply it, can cause instant death or deal 100 points of damage unless the target is specifically immune to poison). 

A shadow forms near Cordak which casts life drain on him for 7 points of damage. It’s a shadow monster. 

Thanks to some lucky rolls, Chime kills it with one hit of lightning bolt causing it to dissipate and drops a black key. Four down, and one to go. 

End of second session. 

Third session

Third Session

With Layla in front with me and Gronk, we proceed down the final tunnel. When we arrive, we notice that the ceiling is lined with spikes and a few skeletons hang from them. Before we head any further, Layla snaps her fingers and a wall of ice forms in front of us. Layla tells us that the last cavern is filled with traps and is fearful for our safety. Gronk, not wanting to deal with the new obstacle, smashes the ice wall with his great sword, shattering it. 

Before we enter the cavern, we see that the floor is covered with stone squares and on the far side of it is a large red fiend atop a raised stone platform. In fact, it’s the same fiend that imprisoned Layla, which explains her reluctance to venturing on. 

The fiend tells us that as soon as we entered the cavern, all the traps in here became armed and that we have to stand on the right squares at the end of the fifth round or they’ll all go off. 

We make a break for random tiles not knowing which tiles they were until Gronk stands on one that lit up. We all dash and run to which ever ones light up. Thorim makes it to his and is frightened to see snakes slithering up from underneath his tile. No one else sees this and wonders why Thorim is losing it. Chime casts “something” while he’s on his tile and points out that it’s only an illusion. 

As we still scramble, the fiend starts hurling rocks and boulders at us, Gronk barely dodges on the size of a kobold and Thorim gets hit off his tile and is now prone. Chime casts shadow clones to throw off the fiend. 

At this point, everyone is on their tiles except for Thorim. Cordak and Chime hold off the fiend with ice knives and crossbow bolts. Layla runs to Thorim to drag him to his tile and makes it back to her’s in time for the fifth round to begin. 

The fiend, being enraged over our success so far, jumps down in front of Chime since he’s the closest. Presumably to bash him to death. That’s just within 30 feet of me. And that’s when I cast Turn the Undead. The spell is successful and I have full control of the fiend. I tell him to come over to me. He resistantly complies. I tell him to show me where the last key is. He shows that it’s around his neck and I order him to hand it over to me and he does. 

When he does, we all hear and feel something sliding and rumbling above and below us. It’s at this point that Thorim regains consciousness, stands up on his tile and readies his shield when he sees what’s going on. I tell the fiend to reveal anymore traps he didn’t mention. He says there’s nothing else. This ends the fifth and final round. 

As the round ends, the temperature in the cavern plummets like in the spider cavern and ice starts to form from the ceiling and going down the walls. We all book it out of there with me going last as I give the fiend his final order: “Stay put.” I make it out just as the ice seals off the entrance and the fiend screams out in rage. 

We have a short rest while we ready ourselves for the dwarven door. When we return there, the DM tells us that the keys must be used in this order: Fiend, Lion, Bone, Shadow and Spider. I have the key from the fiend so I go first. As I turn the fiend key in the dwarven door, the key and the door both disintegrate much to our surprise. The path from there has a 10 foot high roof and 30 feet later, narrows to 3 square feet wide. 

At the end of the narrowed path is the next door. Chime volunteers to go since he’s small enough to. Equipped with the lion key and had Thorim light up his knife to light his way, he gets as close as he can to the door before even he can’t fit the rest of the way. Chime then casts Mage Hand to unlock the door, causing the narrowed path to widen up to 30 feet wide. 

We enter a midsized cavern. In front of us is what seems to be a bottomless pit. And on the other side is the next door. The pit opening is too wide to jump over nor do we have any equipment to traverse it. Gronk then suggests he throw one of us with the shadow key. Chime again volunteers due to his small size. Gronk hurls him towards the door and face plants into an invisible barrier right at the edge of the dropping falling in front Gronk’s feet, taking 11 damage. The barrier he hit was actually the door that had been enchanted to look impassible. While Thorim heals Chime, Varan feels around for the keyhole and unlocks the door. 

Varan goes through into the next area and the DM says he must make a Charisma saving throw. He fails, even with advantage (a 1 and a 2), gets possessed, strips down and loudly pines away for the love of his life. Cordak goes in to try and snap Varan out of it and fails his Charisma save as well and does the same thing. 

The rest of us are outside the door not knowing what to do about this next step. That’s when Chime and I see a rolling spike trap coming for Varan and the ranger. Chime casts fire bolt and destroys the spike trap before it hits Varan and Cordak. They both come back to their senses and embarrassingly get dressed. 

Varan has the shadow key and unlocks the next door to reveal that the next area is pitch black. With torches out, we proceed to the final door. As we progress, Gronk get bit by an unknown creature, is poisoned and loses the spider key in the process. We all frantically look for the key. Varan finds it and gets bit and poisoned as he gets to the door. With two party members currently down and the rest of us on the look out the the creature culprit(s), Thorim rushes to the door and unlocks it. As the door opens, a wall of spikes swings at us all. Everyone gets down except for me. I don’t see it in time to drop down but I get tackled in time by Gronk. 

After we all get up and the poison gets cured, we enter the final chamber. We see that the floor is somehow moving, but on the opposite end of the chamber is a pedestal with a scroll on it. It was the map we are searching for. 

We are trying to figure out how to get there if the floor isn’t even stable to stand on. Thorim gets the idea to throw something on it to see what would happen. So he lights up his water skin and drops it onto the moving floor. The floor keeps moving but the water skin doesn’t. It’s another illusion. 

We all walk up to the pedestal. As we approach it, we’re all blinded by a flash of light as we get close to it. The scroll is still there and nothing else had changed. It seem that there’s a barrier blocking us from getting to it. Chime casts Mage Hand to grab it to the same flashing result. 

As we’re still attempting to get the scroll, Newbye shows up behind us thanking us for doing the hard work for him and to step aside as he is here to claim what is rightfully his. Magic seems to be radiating off of him and somehow that removed the barrier around the scroll and the walls melt away. While he drolls on about how long he’s been trying get the Atlas, Cordak takes the scroll while no one is looking. 

Zone of Truth is cast on Newbye to no effect. Cordak slips into a pocket dimension he summons with the scroll and a rope to escape whatever Newbye has planned. 

As Newbye is about to take the scroll by force from the rest of us, the gods Gond and Tempus appear behind him. They take him head on as we all are nowhere near capable of taking him on ourselves. Don’t know why Thorim and I were tasked with killing him if we were no where near capable of doing so but this wasn’t the time for that. 

We all book it for the only way out. As we all bolt out of there, with Cordak coming out of his pocket dimension, the walls reform and Newbye opens 6 portals of all of our fear before us. The first thing to come out is an undead black dragon. Before Newbye blasts a hole through Gond’s chest, causing him to crumple, Gond blesses us with the ability to add D20 to all of our damage for one attack each round. Everyone dashes out of the way except for Thorim and I who get blasted by the dragon, taking 14 points of acid damage. 

On the next turn, Thorim cast Turn the Undead on the dragon, but the dragon succeeds the Wisdom saving throw with a Nat 20. Using his bonus action, Thorim casts Shield of Faith on himself while he still can do something. 

Chime casts a fire bolt at the dragon but misses it entirely, hitting the roof. We then had the idea that if we got around the dragon and go through an earlier door, we could get the dragon stuck, making it easier to take on. We take our turns stealthing and dashing our way past the dragon as the rest of us distract it. 

We all eventually get into the previous chamber with the dragon coming after us and getting it’s neck stuck in the doorway. As it struggles, Tempus appears in the chamber, taking off it’s head. With the dragon finally down, we all head towards the door we first were teleported to. 

End of third session

Fourth and final session

Fourth and Final Session

Varan and Cordak couldn’t make it to the next area due to harpies killing them (the players were no shows). Layla then stumbled out of there, after freezing the harpies to death. 

After I fully heal Chime, we entered the next area and find that 5 hellhounds were waiting for us. We all take turns taking them out in a flurry of ice knives, ice blasts, sacred flame and fire bolts. 

During this encounter, we started to feel Gond’s blessing wareing off (now at a D12). Gronk rolled a Nat 1 on an attack, missing the hellhound in front of him, hitting the side of the tunnel, shattering his greatsword. 

As we take out the hellhounds, the cavern fills with a fog thick enough that our visibility is cut in half. I am then unexpectedly suplexed by an unseen force (surprise round). Gronk is able to see the fog move around an empty, humanoid like figure. It’s an invisible stalker and goes after it with his spare great club. After I get back up, I join in. Layla creates an ice sword to attack it but the stalker shatters it with one swipe. Gronk takes it out. 

After that Gronk hands me the vial of Blade Oil of Death, feeling that it would be in better hands with me as he now no longer has a bladed weapon. 

Immediately following that, an aboleth appears behind us from the tunnel we just came from. Needless to say, we all ran. 

Just before we got to the opposite side of the cavern to the only other tunnel we can take out of here, a white haired girl was laying on the ground with her back turned towards us. She was dressed in all white robes. The fog had moved past her and behind the aboleth Thorim casts Flee to get her to move out of our way to no effect. Because he got too close to her, he had to make a WIS saving throw, which he failed and is now frightened. 

The girl got up and turned around to face us. Turns out she’s a banshee and let out a deafening scream at the group. We all took 9 psychic damage. With the aboleth still coming for us, Gronk and I take her out. 

Just before we kill banshee, a grell shows up behind her. It seems the DM really didn’t want us to survive. While Thorim and Chime attack the grell, Layla puts her hand to the wall behind us, creating and ice wall to seal in the aboleth. 

I cast Divine Sense to see if there are any other surprises waiting for us and sense nothing. While I’m doing that, the grell attacks me. My HP is now at 7. Thorim nearly kills it with his Spiritual Weapon which is in the form of a spatula. 

Layla screams at Gronk and Chime to hurry up as they were about to be sealed off behind the ice wall. As Chime gets past Layla, he casts a firebolt at the grell, finishing it off. I take this time to heal myself with what little I had left in Lay on Hands. 

Just before the ice wall is complete, a portal opens in between the wall and the aboleth. Out walks a Mind Flayer. I don’t remember what attack she used on us but she brings Thorim and Chime to 0 HP and kills Layla in the process. Layla’s body becomes one with the ice wall, sealing off the aboleth and Mind Flayer. 

Just around the corner from us was a crate. Gronk tried to open it with no luck. I walk up to it and the lid open on it’s own. As I take a closer look at it, the lid had Tempus’ seal engraved on it, and inside were 5 greater healing potions (4D4+4). 

We all take one potion each, with Gronk taking the extra one, Thorim and Chime are back on their feet. We hear the aboleth pound away at the ice wall and know it won’t hold for long, so we book it out of there. 

Back in the chamber where we found Layla, we find that the original tunnel we came through with the 30 foot pit has caved in, and there are 3 minor grells coming for us, 2 of which are already injured and bloodied. Gronk goes after one of the injured ones and I go for the unscathed one. Chime casts Scorching Rage, hitting the two injured grells. Thorim misses his target with Sacred Flame but still has his Spiritual Spatula which kills one. Gronk kills his grell by bifurcating it with his great club thanks to a Nat 20. 

While we take on the last minor grell, a Sphinx climbs out of the rubble of the collapse tunnel, looking worse than the grells. After some of us notice him, the DM tells us to make WIS saving throw, which some of us fail and get a splitting headache out of nowhere, hearing an eerie, disembodied voice saying “Let me in!’ ‘I’m coming!” along with a loud thud and a cracking noise from the tunnel we came through. 

With the pain having subsided, Chime sends a fire bolt at the grell I’m fighting and misses, hitting me instead. I take 9 fire damage. The Spiritual Spatula fades away and Gronk goes into a rage to take on the last grell. It was after that we hear a loud shattering. The aboleth broke though the ice wall. 

Thorim asks the Sphinx “How do we get out of here?” The Sphinx tells him “Kill that fucking thing.” None us know exactly what he meant by that. 

The DM says make another WIS saving throw, which I surprisingly fail. I get another splitting headache and see a vision: blinding white light envolping the Mind Flayer holding a brain which she probes with her finger, causing tentacles to sprout out of it saying “I have a gift.” I take 13 psychic damage and am now feared. 

Thorim recasts Spiritual Weapon, this time in the form of a Ford Bronco, and kills the last grell with it. In our short down time, he also heals himself (10 HP), Chime (5) and I (10). I get another splitting vision of the Mind Flayer holding the tentacled brain, now with eyes and floating on its own. It’s a beholder. “Beautiful, is it not?”

Thorim asks the Sphinx is there a way out. He points to the invisible barrier we could get past earlier saying that it would only be taken down by the blood of the willing. While we can guess what he meant by this. 

Gronk, who is still raging, charges at the beholder coming from the tunnel where the ice wall was. I take this turn to coat my great sword with the Blade Oil of Death. Chime makes a cut on his hand with his dagger and puts his bloodied hand on the barrier to see if that removes it. It doesn’t. He then sends a firebolt at the beholder from where he is. This weakens it enough for Gronk to kill it effortlessly and goes after the Mind Flayer and aboleth. 

Thorim send his Spiritual Bronco down to join Gronk in his fight and I ride the Bronco to save myself the time and effort. While that’s happening, Thorim hands Chime the scroll and grabbing his dagger saying that he knows what to do. He slits his throat with it, sacrificing himself to remove the barrier, which does the trick. While shocked over what just happened, Chime dashes through past where the barrier was to find a new exit. With that said, the DM made Thorim (the player) a young monster so he can stay in the game. I don’t remember which monster he was but he emerged from the collapsed pit to kill the Sphinx. 

The Mind Flayer attacks Gronk dealing 12 psychic damage and 15 physical damage. He’s near death. I rush in on the Spiritual Bronco with my maul at the ready. I had sheathed my greatsword to save it for the aboleth. As I go in for my first attacks and land blows on both the Mind Flayer and Gronk (sorry about that). 

Chime runs through the new cavern when he sees that the center of the ground starts to crumble and protrudes upward. Out came a Bone naga. Chime immediately casts Shadow Clones to distract the bone naga, and it works. As the bone naga attacks the duplicates, Chime runs around the action, he sees a door on the other side of the cavern that looks like it was left ajar with daylight shining through it. Finally! The way out! 

Back to me and Gronk. The Mind Flayer, Gronk and I are in bad shape, just constantly trading blow for blow, but Gronk was dealing the most damage as he was still in rage mode. Unfortunately, the last blow he takes nearly kills him and he collapses and is now unconscious. I deliver the final blow to the Mind Flayer, killing her. 

With the aboleth not far behind, I drop my maul, draw my great sword, go in for the kill and miss both my attacks (shit). Gronk saves 1 death saving throw but gets hit by the aboleth while he’s still down. I get in only one hit for my next attack, and... kill it. Just like that. I knew that that the Blade Oil of Death was going to be effective but damn! The DM said an aboleth is a monster that a party of level 10s had a decent chance of fighting and we were just level 5s. I was anticlimactically impressed with myself. I mean, I guess that falls under the category of “bragging rights”. 

After that, I grab my maul and Gronk to carry him with his arm over my shoulders to rejoin what’s left of our party, but his wounds were to grievous and he dies by my side. I lay him down, cross his arms and recite a short prayer over him before I head back. When I return to the trap room, I see that the Sphinx was dead and Thorim on the ground with his throat slit. I (Jarrakas) am beside myself over what happened in the short time I was gone. I cross Thorim’s arms and recite a prayer over him before I follow Chime’s footprints, leading out of here. 

While that was going on, Chime got out into the open wilderness, complete with wooded areas and rock spires. He sees a ravine with 2 priests, summoning a portal and frantically waving him to get to them. As Chime dashes towards them, a portal opens near him. It wasn’t from the priests who are still in the middle of their portal summoning. Surprisingly, the young monster emerges from the portal going after Chime with the bone naga behind him. He is able to dodge the young monster, still heading towards the priests. 

With 20 feet left to go, the ground begins to shake, stopping Chime in his tracks. A 10 foot wide gap is made between Chime’s feet and the priest’s. Chime looks around behind him to see even the two monsters are having trouble standing as the ground breaks apart and the rock spires go upward. He looks down the gap and sees a massive mouth opening up and hears a dull yet massive growl. It’s a tarrasque. A fucking tarrasque. Apparently, we were adventuring on top of one this whole time and it was waking up. 

In quick desperation as the gap widens another 10 feet, Chime takes off his clothes to tie them together to makeshift a rope as he doesn’t have one. He makes a running jump across the gap, throwing his makeshift rope to one of the priests who catches the other end and pulls him up. 

I just make it outside as that is happening. Tempus appears out of nowhere in front of me. He looks like he was in the fight of his life as the left half of his face is burnt off. He places his hand on my shoulder and teleports me to the edge of the gap that Chime was on. Before he teleports away, he tells me: “Whatever it takes.”

As I am a good distance away from escape and there are now 3 monsters looking to kill and/or eat us, my options are limited. Either run and jump to join Chime or fight the monsters, holding them off. The tarrasque seems to be the most immediate threat. With time running out, the only attack I could possibly make is to plunge my greatsword into the tarrasque as a distraction while Chime takes the portal. However, it has a natural AC of 25 and is immune to just about every kind of damage short of magic. So even if I were cast Sacred Weapon and stab it, there’s no guarantee the tarrasque will thrash away from Chime. So I make a break for it instead. 

I make an athletics check to run and jump the even bigger gap. I roll a total of 23. I clear the gap, but just barely. As I land on the edge of the far side, Newbye teleports infront of me with his hand out towards my chest. He’s trying to push me into the bottomless gap behind me. Thanks to my athletics check being over 20, I use my momentum to slip out of the way and join Chime and the priests. Just before we portal away, we see that Newbye has a massive diagonal chest laceration. Presumably caused by Tempus during their last encounter. He tells us: “Your gods are already dead” before we are taken back to the Temple of Joaquin where we started. 

After we recount our adventure to the priestess, Chime gives her the scroll. Our quest is complete. She pays us both 10,000 gold (I think the DM forgot what the original reward was but we don’t correct him) and offers us the chance to aid in the upcoming war in the Plane of Fear she is spearheading. As Tempus was vague about what he meant by “Whatever it takes”, I take it to mean to fight in this war, so I enlist. 

Thus ending my first full fledged campaign. 


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