How the Dragonborn Bard Taught the Murdering Cultist a Lesson

A murdering cultist is judged by his own scales when a peace loving bard has had enough.

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My character, Myastin Balasar, is a peace loving black scaled dragonborn on a mission to make a name for himself and become the greatest musician in the world! Our DM likes to have our characters have a bit of a quirk, and Balasar was no exception to this. His quirk was that he was the son of a bronze and a black dragonborn, this is important later as his black scales made the rest of the party believe he breathed acid. But in actuality, thanks to Balasar’s bronze heritage, the bard was able to breathe lightning. Fast forward to the story. Balasar and the rest of the party found themselves in an elite group known as the Crimson Band, which is made up of Archavon the aasimar paladin, Mothma the elven war mage, Doktor the warforged cleric, Vuryn the human warlock, and of course yours truly the dragonborn Bard. The band had been sent to investigate a group who the Queen’s advisors believed were in the process of orchestrating an uprise, or worse, planning to commit high treason against the crown. Needless to say this plan hit many hurdles, most of which were thanks to our warlock, Vuryn. You see, being evil aligned, Vuryn was the former leader of a group of cultists and so had a warped sense of Justice. This lead to the maiming of a Lord, the murder of commoners, and harsher than normal interrogations of prisoners in order to find out just how far this organization we were investigating reached. Balasar always assumed that the warlock would be arrested and brought to justice, but soon learned that their position as members of the band made them untouchable by the law, given enough persuasion. And as you can guess, a former cultist can be very persuasive. This of course didn’t sit well with the dragonborn, who is neutral good and, thus far, has been very pacifistic. That was until the last campaign.

During this session, Doktor was on the trail of another warforged, only to find a farmer was burning wooden chestplates and arms in a bonfire. Of course we thought the worst, but Balasar could sympathize with the man who claimed he was fearful for his family and killed a demon that was approaching menacingly. Doktor was in all ways heartbroken, walking off to prepare to bury the other warforged properly. Balasar was about to help, as any friend would. That is until Vuryn happened. You see Vuryn slipped away and brought the farmer out of his home, tricking the man to join him at the ashes of the fire. It was there that Vuryn murdered the man in cold blood, grabbing the back of the farmer’s head and sending two Eldritch Blasts through the victim’s skull. Now many of you might be thinking, where’s the paladin? Unfortunately, Archavon was a few miles away when this all happened. So when Mothma called out for the band to return, Archavon was out of range, and it was already too late. Vuryn had killed yet another person in his warped sense of justice. Balasar had finally had enough and something inside him knew he had to take a stand. 

As Vuryn casually walked away from the deed, unremorseful in every way, he greeted Balasar, who was the first to return. Mothma told the dragonborn what had happened and of course, Vuryn denied it. However, Mothma told Balasar to go look in the ashes and that’s when Balasar found the headless body. Rage built inside the dragonborn and he lifted Vuryn off his feet. Contested grappling was made, Vuryn rolled a 3 versus Balasar’s 16.

Balasar demanded an explanation and Vuryn simply replied, “Death is just another way, and the gods will judge us all. I avenged Doktor and I have no remorse.”

A snarl raised from the dragonborn, “That was not your vengeance to take! It was not your honor to reclaim!  If you have no remorse, let’s see how the gods judge you!” Unleashing his electrical breath weapon straight into Vuryn’s face dropping him to 0 HP. 

Balasar dropped the smoking unconscious body in the ashes by the victim and death saving throws started. He left the cultist to his fate and went to the fields in the dark of night to pray to Io, feeling remorseful yet understanding that an example needed to be made of the human. Vuryn’s player, who is one of the best roleplayers I’ve met, was enjoying every second of this tense moment and was more than happy to let his character die if he failed his death saves. Fortunately, or maybe it’s unfortunately, Vuryn pulled through to plot and scheme another day, knowing, however, that he is now under the ever watchful eye of an honor bound dragonborn.


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