How The Fighter Accidentally Got A Girlfriend


This is my favorite D&D story to tell to whoever will listen to me. It all takes place in a homebrew world near the beginning of a campaign that I am still running to this day.

The party consists of six players, but this story focuses on the human fighter. The party has just come into a larger city by the name of Oxreach, and had split up to do various things throughout the city. The two fighters went to go secure lodging for the night.

They browse a few locations before coming into a nicer tavern called, “The Crow’s Respite.” Inside they find a lively environment with a sizable crowd around a table near the bar. The crowd is cheering and upon approaching, the fighters find that there is an arm wrestling competition happenning. The two combatants are a sturdy male human with his back to them, and a female half-elf with a few facial scars. After a few moments of back and forth, she slams his hand down on the table and the crowd goes wild, cheering her name, Robin.

Robin looks smug and soaks in the applause before speaking, “Alright! One more challenger before I retire to the bar!”

The human fighter, who is a 7’4″ female, jumps into the seat and places her arm on the table with an eager grin on her face. 

Robin smiles, and with more than a little bit of flirtatious charm asks for her name. Now, for backstory reasons, this fighter has taken a vow of silence, and usually communicates in sign language. She looks to her dragonborn fighter friend for help. He introduces her as Clara, and with some more flirting from Robin, the match begins. 

The match is intense, going back and forth several times before, once again, Robin slams Clara’s hand down on the table. 

The crowd absolutely loses it, and with a wink, Robin goes over to the bar. Clara looks to her friend starstruck, and he encourages her to go talk to her at the bar. So Clara does exactly that, and is pleasantly surprised to learn that Robin can sign a little bit. With some more flirting between the two ladies they end up spending the night together.

The next day, Clara’s player surprises me and asks if they can take Robin out on a date. I roll to see if she is interested and roll pretty high. I reply she is interested and will go if she asks.

They go to a nicer restaurant, and Clara shows a genuine interest in Robin, which seems to catch her off guard. They learn some more about each other, and I think that that’s it.

Nope! At a later date in game, Clara asks if Robin will go pit fighting with her as another date. Robin is always down for a scrap, and it is learned that she is a rough and tumble Paladin of Bahamet. They go to the pit fighting ring, and decide to go into a team fight, them against another pair of fighters. 

Due to absolutely monstrous rolls Clara and Robin wipe the floor with their opponents, and as part of the show, Clara drops her shield and sword picks up Robin bridal style and kisses her.

The player announces that they’re rolling charisma for the kiss and before I can say anything the die is cast.

Nat 20.

The whole table loses their minds, and after a few moments of cheering the player looks up at me and with a sheepish smile says, 

“I think I have a girlfriend now,”



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