How the Gnome Tinkerer’s robot buddy destroyed a entire campaign


I was heading to my friend's house for a new campaign he had created and asked everyone to make new character sheets (we usually used our favorites and stuff). So I did as he asked and created Gyro Tinkerton, a Gnome Artifactor Battle Smith (lvl 14) and School of Invention Wizard (lvl 6) cause our DM wasn't a stickler for rules aslong as it wasn't a rouge. Gyro was maxed and because he was a battle smith, He got a iron defender and named Clank and had spells to make Clank a beast in combat. We had a pretty basic intro; genaric tavern bs and a genaric tavern fight outside. This is where Clank shined and the DM regreted letting me use Gyro. I casted a spell that made Clank as large as grown red dragon and proceded to stomp the bandits, crit 20. The DM pulled me to the side and begged to not abuse the power Clank could have with all the buffing spells I had, and of course I couldn't promise I would. We are a group of adventurers that was tasked on defeating a mob boss who ran a corrupted organaztion with a White Dragon on his side, and would be rewarded for his capture alive (Spoilers, He died). We found the hideout and, of course, I inlarged Clank and proceded to destroy the hideout while the party just sat there watching Clank wreck havoc on the Dragon. The DM ended it and never allowed the use of Gyro and his Unbeatable Clank ever in his games.


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