How the Mending Cantrip Saved My Life


My friend, brother, and myself had been looking for a game and finally found a DM who was looking for some test players for a new function based on a TV show we were all fans of so we jumped at the chance.

We made our characters: My brother is a first level monk, our friend is a first level sorcerer, and i am a first level wizard. We are all human variant mechanically but for Role Playing purposes i am a homunculous artifically crafted by a family of mages to be ideal for casting spells. For simplicity i will be refering to characters by their classes from here on out.

We start in class barely paying attention as the teacher asks about our homework assignment. Then one of the higher ups comes in and asks the teacher for a word in private. She exits the room, all us PCs and one npc press their ears to the door and try to listen in. Only the monk manages to hear anything, and it isnt much. Then the door falls over from having four people pressed against it.

Our teacher is not happy and niether is the higher up she is talking too. I tell them i was on my way to the bathroom and roll a decent deception but they roll better on the insight, i decided that my teacher is probably the more important one to have like me (especially because they are both vharacters from the show the game is set in and i know their personalities pretty well) so i (as a human variant) use my first point of luck to force her to reroll the insight, and now she believes me! I head to the restroom while my classmates work on their own excuses, sadly i cant recall what they were. By the time I get back the foor has been fixed and our teacher has resumed her lecture about the history of the magical world.

At the end of class she asks us PCs to stay and talk for a bit. She tells us that one of the head haunchos of not only the school but the organization, would like to speek with us. She makes it clear that she doesnt think we are ready for whatever it is they want but sends us to her office anyway.

When we reach her office she tells us she has a mission for us but has to test our abilities first. So naturally she sends us into an old secret passage, telling us she has been hearing strange noises, and our mission is to figure out what is causing the problem.

The first thing we come across is an old door, i try to start a ritual for detect magic to make sure the door isnt magical, but the monk kicks instead of waiting. No magical traps, and the monk got his foot stuck for some comic relief. I push the door open after accidently tearing off the handle, this door was ild as hell! Inside we find a grate on the floor as we approach it we are attacked by a swarm of severed hands!

They back a punch but have litterally two HP each, we have two members of the party with magic missile needless to say it didnt take long to take them out. We did loose quite a few hit points though so we decided to take a short rest here. 

During the rest I casted detect magic, no result, mage armor, and then used arcane recovery to get back one precious spell slot. I rolled a six on my hit dice and was back to full HP.

I should mention the Sorcerer found a creepy mask in the corrodor.

We proceeded onward and found the next room was a library. After mulling around for a bit the monk found an old bow that looked like it would fade away if you even remotely tried to draw it. I found…. a ghost! It flew through me sending shivers through my body and hovered atop a book shelf. After a few atempts to fight we decided to rum and made a break for the exit. The phantom attacked me at least six times but thanks to mage armor it only hit my AC once, and lucky me had that attack rerolled.

The ghost only cared about her library ao as soon as we left she didnt care about us. So we continued down.

Now we came to one final room where we found a humanoid standing by a ritualistic circle holding an old ornate sword. The monk apprached and initiative was rolled!

The monk went all in and i came around the corner and threw a firebolt, rolling damage and the hit at the dame time can really speed up gameplay when your pressed for time…. nat 1! and the damage was a solid 10! If our DM hadnt been feeling so merciful I would have just one hit the monk with his max HP being 9. As it was the firebolt went wild and struck the sealing causing no effect good or bad.

 The sorcerer stepped out and tried to cast a spell, but i forget which one because i was ti busy laughing at the result of his wild magic roll. See he used an ability of the wild magic sorcerer to get advantage, and as part of that was forced to roll on the Wild Magic table. He got a 37 and four odd little creatures spawned next to him- and ran for the hills since they were automatically frigbtened of the sorcerer! We had a good laugh which we needed sonce this thing was ripping us apart! next turn it brought the monk down to -1 HP and he failed a death saving throw. I cast magic missile and took off a good chunk of its health but next round i was more concerned with saving my companion. I was able to walk around the enemy without provoking an attack of opportunity and then tried to revive the monk, medicine check failed! And the creature hit me and brought me to an ironic -1 HP. While the sorcerer finished off the enemy (which the DM revealed was a ghast) i made to more death saving throws, one success and one fail. The monk stabilized but had failed a con save for a paralasys poison so he couldnt move. The sorcerer had a choice on his turn attempt to stabilize me with a normal medicine check or take a chance and pull the healers kit out of my bag first and risk me rolling another death saving throw (yes i tried my healers kit on the monk but we all forgot how they worked and so we just gave me advantage, then retconned it so that would be how they functioned in combat and they would function normally outside of combat). The sorcerer chose not to risk the saving throw and made a medicine check. I forget the exact result but it failed. I had to make another throw and like Talison I just rolled without hesitation, and rolled a 7.

The table went into uproar in disbelief, first session death! Crazy! the DM frantically trying to save my character, but wirhout a deus ex machina. I am about to say its fine and that I’ll simply make a new character for next session (i had about four ideas for this game so not a big deal). But before I could accept my death the sorcerer jokingly asks if he can use mending on me. And the DM inhales and his eyes widen with realizayion. As I said in the beggining I am mechanically a Human Variant with the luck feat, but acording to my background i am a homunculus, an artificial human being created to serve as a mage for a noble family. The DM allows the mending cantrip to stabilize me and catch me right on the edge between life and death.

I wake up to see a few flashes of light and the original higher up who talked to our teacher teleports into the room. He tells me to grab the sword the ghast had been holding and we all teleport back to the office!


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