How The Orc Paladin Destroyed The World And The Game


this is the story of how a party member ruined our game. we were in a world were the lords of law and chaos slew each other in there endless combat with each other in a last head to head. because of that any race even monsters were available as pc we had a werecat ranger, orc Palladian, vampire cleric, and me a succubas the only one not a monster race was the rogue a human. because of the lords of chaos and law killed every race and monster could be any alignment. this ment naturally evil beings and naturally good beings could be either or and could be made by the creƤture or being. not be borne that way as the lords of law and chaos demanded.

this leads us to the story. our DM was the kind that injected himself into the campaign as the almighty being that physically interacted to us, like the character dungeon master in the old cartoon. he gave us riddles and clues on were our next adventure will be we will get closer to our personal goals while saving the world from a cult.

our group meets in the famous tavern for the first time each with the same story of being led by the same being aka DM. our group was a very heavy anti meta game and we would only come to answer we could find in-game. as we introduced our characters mine stood out as i did not look like the rest of my race aka suckubi i had blond hair nubs for horns and feathery wings not bat like ones it was explained by my backstory as i was redeemed by the goddess aphrodite and was effectively celestial not demonic this did not stop the orc from pestering me with holy water seeing if it would burn me. it all came to a head when my character accidentally touched a statue of the cults BBBG and failed the wisdom save and was cursed with increasing madness. this happened as i went to get a better visual and vantage point for a AOE spell this was the orcs chance he used my madness to convince the group i was apart of to get rid of me he used the attacks of the cult centered on me as a reason that there trying to reclaim me as a vesale for there god the got of madness. my madness included laughing at stressful times and of real importance, all fight’s could be solved with a tea party and dance to cast spells. it all ended when we slayed a silver dragon extorting a town for protection holding children hostage. when the fighting was over i made his scales into a bikini and started laughing histaricly running through the halls before passing out. as i was passed out the orc used this time i was passed out to convince the party i was the vessel and needed to be destroyed before the i fully get taken over by the lord of madness and i could turn on them anyway and a sorcerer like me could kill half the party if i were to be taken over when the group was low after a battle or was asleep the orc passes all the wisdom and diplomacy checks and with the help of the rogue sneaked into my room and all attacked me at the same time killing me not leaving as trace. pumping all there power into the hit to not leave a piece to be resurrected as the DMs character came in the morning he informed the group that all is now lost as there is now no path to victory and he explained that i held the key to open a gate to the plane that the BBBG was hidden and i could not be brought back as my soul was claimed and traded to him by demons and that was my goal to release my soul from demons and not the world will see darkness in the future and there was no path in in his divinations he coud no longer see for it was all darkness. we found out later that the player hated the sexual nature of my race even though i did not act as so he just hated the monster in a group of monsters and that was our campaign


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