How the Pacifist Paladin never could have it easy.


I was playing this game a while back. Still was kinda new to the whole rpg thing. but played enough to say i kinda knew what i was doing.

I was playing a game with a good friend of my that is a great DM and tries to make great stories and everyone happy. We start our story with our team, me(centaur redemption paladin), a half-elf bard, elf rogue, gnome wizard, human fighter, and a human monk. 

I was playing a noble knight of an Order of St. Isaac, a homebrew organization of thr DM. That swore an oath of Redemption and Pacifism due to his actions in the war. I was trying to make him as wise and cunning as Anthony Hopkins in like of like how he was as Odin in the MCU. We start our story witha mission we got from an old contact, we are on this airship and its very fancy, like a floating casino. I was sitting there minding my own buisness eating my meal from the buffet, talking with the bard about the ways of combat telling him how i will never lift my hammer again due to the horrors ive seen in the war. Our monk tries to be funny and ride my back. As you can probably assume this did not fly with my character, cuz centaurs are very noble and proud. So i used Command spell to tell him off cuz there was no reasoning with. Soon after we get attacked by "sky pirates" and we had to take action. Unlike everyone else in the party i tried to follow the respective rule of no weapons and armor in public. So as we are getting attack i had to defend myself with a table and chair. The pirates were taking loot and valuables along with people. Upon getting the upper had in the fight, I try to convince one of the pirate to tell us why they are attacking and where the prisoners are and he tried to break out of my hand and launched himself onto the stove at the bar, setting himself on fire and died. Mad that the DM basically had me unintentionally kill someone, making the rest of the party ridicule me and call me a hypocrite due to previous conversation. I wanted to get to my armor and gear but the party harassed me that there was no time people were in danger. So they all decided to jump ship and board the pirate ship. The Gnome Wizard told me she was gonna cast fly on me and we will all ride my back over. I refused due to my morals as a centaur. Gnome Wizard told me as a knight of the peace i should sacrifice my morals and do whats best for the people. So a little annoyed at this point, and against my better judgement i leap acrossed the gap between the ships and landed 3……5 point landing style. The rest of the party slowly joined and we were surrounded by pirates of hobgobljn, drow, and goblin in variety. Then we meet Captain Lady Dreadwing, with her 2 Gith and 1 Orge bodyguards, and her pet displacer beast. (By the way we are all level 5 and just fought like 25 other pirates and are hanging by a tread) So i try to do the sane and safe thing and try to negoiate and try to talk our way out of this. It seemed to be going well. Then the worst thing happened. Our human monk, gnome wizard, and human fighter do the worst thing they could do. They charge in head first. The human fighter instantly 0hp, human monk 0hp, gnome wizard flew away where she was way out of reach to do anything. So it was just me the centaur paladin, half-elf bard, and elf rogue in a back to back circle awaiting our final fight to the death. Captain Lady Dreadwing look to us, "Did you really think you would make it out alive?" Blasting our Elf Rogue with a magic blast. I then remember my channel divinity, "Rebuke the Violent" which is a reaction to attacking my allies and reverse it to the Cambion. It back lashed so hard, (The DM trying to throw us a bone and not kill us all the first session.) Blasting the Captian into the wheel crashing the ship into our and crash landing both into the high mountains. We all got really lucky and someone survived. But thats only where it begins….



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