How the party saved the world, but lost as well. PT. 1

When the party returns home from war, they are in for the shock of their lives, and meet their untimely ends.


So before I start this story, im going to lay some context. This game has been going on every Saturday for half a year now, and because our DM was rather new to this, it probably would have ended last Saturdays game if not for the actions of his co-DM's character. The setting of the campaign was as such, we were in a country with four capitals, to the north was a city mostly of Dwarves, and prized for their craftsmanship, to the east a city of elves who's exports were magical items, the west was Steeldran (were most of the story took place in) a city built on combat, and mostly populated by Tieflings. Now your probably wondering why i skiped the southern kingdom, the reason why is because this is who we were going up against in the soon to be war. The city was named Helspenst, and was a city of the undead, all of wich wished to destroy all living things abd turn the world into their own undead image. Originally it was me, a Tiefling bard from the elven city, and the Co-DM's character Veve. A blood hunter 'human' from Steeldran. we had each been sent by our respective Cities leaders to investigate the border between our kingdoms and Helspenst. After some battles we had gained some information, and gained a new ally in the form of Gilda, the zombie Monk. with the information we had returned to tell our respective kings of our findings, only for the elven city to be attacked by a massive undead giant, and Steeldran to be attacked by Helana, the undead Queen of Helspenst herself. By that time we had recuites two additional player Characters. A human warlock of the Great old one, and a kitsune (re-flavored beastkin) ranger. It was at this point that we had learned why Veve was a Varient human, and would eventually lead to a majority of the party dying. Besides threat of Helspenst, there was apparently Two cults going around, one of wich had captured Veve and sealed a demon within her. As we fought the Queen, eventually the Demon had gained a foothold over Veve and had taken control, trying to kill the Queen in the most brutal fashion. but it was not to be, she escaped, and all of us lived to see another day. Now, i wont go into to much detail on what happened next, because it wasnt until a few sessions ago that things really started to get Intense. See, due to some reasons, Veve was crowned the Queen of Steeldran. Which was a step further to our destruction. With her new title, we marched to helpenst to negotiate a 'truce' with the Royal's. an alliance with them in exchange for information and the sparing of Steeldran. and boy, was the information we gathered helpful. a bit of backstory for my character. he had a twin sister who went missing some time, six years almost, and our DM had just told us that one of the Two cults had taken her. and so the search began, as did the preparations for war. Little did we know, we were just three games away from our fates.


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