How The Shadow Dragon Died to a Scrawny Barbarian

I have heard many crazy stories in my time as a player and as a Dungeon Master. However, I have never experienced such an outstanding moment of determination.

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The campaign was a group of members of a monster hunter guild that travel the land in search of people that need help with their monster issues. Our most recent party consisted of Lyn, an old Half-Elf Tempest Cleric who was the founder of our guild; Odge Oakfist, a Dwarf Shadow Monk who is a pacifist (very unlucky for us); Dagna Stonefist, a Dwarf Order Cleric who is hell-bent on upholding the law; and my character Leucis Virago, an Aasimar Zealot Barbarian and the last remaining member of the original party. We played this campaign for about 20 sessions before we decided to wrap-up for a steampunk campaign, but damn we ended this campaign on a high note.
Our last mission was to help a mountainside village with their Orc problem. We were even given magic items in advance to ensure we'd do the job.The magic item I got as payment was a Dragon Slayer Greatsword. However, what we weren't expecting was actually helping the Orcs. The Orc chief Grog informed us that his people were driven out of their mountain home by a powerful monster, and they resorted to raiding passing merchants to get the necessary materials to fight it. We were happy to oblige and help him out. Our mission is clear now, but our target…not so much.
We made our way into the mountain, recruiting a few Kobolds before encountering their boss: a variation of a Shadow Dragon. It flew down and breathed its necrotic breath, killing the Kobolds and making them into Shadows. Half of the shadows attacked me and drained my Strength from a might 18 to a meager 1, which is a -5 modifier. We killed the Shadows, but I felt the odds stacked against us. We were drained of most of our resources, and I thought for sure we would lose. But my allies didn't give up. Despite the hopeless situation, they continued to fight, giving it their all,…so why should I give up? I charged up to the dragon and rolled to attack. Natural 20! I rolled 10d6 total, and I ended up decapitating the dragon. I still have the d20 on the 20.


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