How throwing a magic cat through a window led to a giant chasing a baby dragon


So, we join our party composed of a human rune knight fighter, human assassin rogue, half-dead necromancer wizard, ranger beastmaster halfling, and a Valkyrie, basically a paladin. At a night at the local inn discussing plans for an attack on a dragon cult, the group thoroughly checked they’re rooms, after discussing the plan, the wizard being a nervous, paranoid, cowardly wreck decided to check outside the second-story window, looked at the roof, rolled for perception, NAT 20 “You see a slightly out of place roof tile.” Wizard: “I throw the cat throw the window.” (To clarify, his cat was his familiar)NO stutter, no hesitation, nothing. We just started losing our shit, after a bit of laughing I decided to give him inspiration for it. Wizard: rolls perception, 7, INSPIRATION, up to 10, Me “You see a blur moving towards the forest.” The wizard told the others, the rogue immediately, jumped through the window chasing it,  not long after the fighter catches up with the rest of the group trailing behind them. 

At one point during the chase, the rogue trips and falls behind, the fighter deciding to use his ability to become large catches up to the thing that was spying on them, a green wyrmling, when the fighter got close enough, he jumped in the air with his axe, missed when another wymling pushed the one being chased out of the way of the axe blade and fly in separate directions, making the fighter chop a tree in half, the rogue catches up, they split up chasing one each. Rogue is holding steady with acrobatics checks, but after a low acrobatics check on his part and a high one on the wyrmling he lost it, “Give me a survival to track it”, 1, it's gone. 

Back to the fighter keeping up with his target as well, Fighter: “I want to grapple him” He rolls with advantage thanks to the size difference, NAT 20, he slammed it to the ground, a little afterwards the rest of the party makes it towards them. They tie it up and interrogate them, learning the exact position of the cults base and that an adult green dragon(its dad) is staying there, they end up convincing the wyrmling to work for them or die and now they’re taking it back to the town. 

So yeah, the next session is going to be very fun. Thanks for reading.


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