How To Die By Plain Old Stupidity

So as you can probably tell by my name im kinda bad at Dungeons And Dragons but this is litterly my second session ever. So the TL'DR is never do anything i did

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I was playing a Drow level 3 dragonblood sorcerer when he died. He was participsting in a contest for who could kill the most monsters in a month . He was put into a group (A.K.A the party) of 3 and after some killing some bulls, and a leveled down turtle dragon, it was then we found a gargoyle. Me being the stupid idiot i was i decided to cast freind on it and it worked i asked it if i could ride it and it just grunted, as i climbed on the spell wore of and he decided to pick me up and smash me into the ground. Somehow I miraculously survived but in the next encounter i would not be so lucky. soon we climbed up to mountain after hearing rumors of a Giant Bird. once we climbed up we found a Roc Named Dwayne (Yes The Dm literally named it Dwayne the Roc) sitting on a nest. I decided to sneak up to the nest and i found some eggs and the roc was right underneath me so i decided to throw an egg at it. I missed horribly the egg smashed on the ground the roc saw it and looked at me, it was then i feared for my life and started to run but it could fly so it catched up to me and bit my arm i tried to take it out but i failed the strenth check and he pulled my arm out and i lay on the ground unconscious. My party members realized they could not win so they bargained with the roc. The end terms were a life for a life, he was alowed to kill me beacause i killed his child. He stepped on me with his foot and my guts splattered everywhere.


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