How to turn a cursed item into an airship

a young kobold trickery cleric tries to raid a tomb for a relic, finds what he stole to be a cursed item and manages to get an airship out of it,

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Me, Zedrin, level 4 Lawful Evil Kobald Trickery Cleric of Tiamat

sidekick: Level 4 Bard NPC, lawful neutral, human.

We manage to create a distraction by instigating a fight nearby using thaumeturgy to thyrow my voice and imiate that of two rather unruly visitors to the cemetary. Guards go investigate. Bard whispers to me that there's now ay to open the lock on the famous hero's tomb without making an ungodly ampunt of noise, giving away our presence and likely getting us caught. This is a minor obstack, one that Zed is fully equipped to handle. he casts silence, allowing the Bard to get to work without being overheard. Zed keeps an eye out and a few minutes later, we have the relic we were after, an artifact sword of immense power. We abscond with the blade and I, being a trickery cleric think it was too easy. I shell out a few silver for someone to udentify the weapon. It turns out I was right. someone had replaced the relic we wanted with a cursed item that was meant to fool would-be thieves like us.

For many adevnturers, that would be the end of it, but I decided that it was in the best interest of myself and my God (I was acting on her orders) to turn this loss into a win. Being the wily kobold that I am,. I spoke to my sidekick and asked about the local black market, as he was a member of the thieve's guild. During the course of this conversation, I learn of a wealthy merchant who collected such things that I could sell it to. Being ont to hedge my bets, I disguised myself (using the spell) as a halfling merchant, taking paints to make myself look shady and a bit dim. I had the bard disguse himself as a known snitch from the thieve's guild. We now had our patsies lined up. We secured a meeting with this gentleman and with a bit of careful conversation and a thankfully undetected charm person spell, convinced him to sell it to us for an extraordinary amount.

He wanted to pay in installments but I wasn't about to agree to that. After this session, I was to join the rest of the party so teh DM got a bright idea and had the merchant offer to trade it for an airship he had just paid to have constructed. I signed the deal under my false identity, signed the ship off through 7 more cutouts and bribed the approrpriate local officials to make sure none of this could come back to me. I now had an airship that I named "The Dark Queen's Prohpet" which would be the party's main mode of transport across the world my DM had created. It seemed my trickery and refusal to allow failure gave him an opportunity to solve our travel problem.


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