How Two Men Earned Their Freedom, and Getting Payback on Their Slave Captors in the Process

It was damp, cold, and dark in the slave mines. Deep within a meator craters, in massive ork slave camp two men were chained together to work the rest of their days.

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Long time veiwer who just discovered this website. So i decided to tell this crazy but true story. As context for our actions, myself and the one other player on this group were a mix of Lawful Evil and Chaotic Evil. 

It was damp, cold, and dark in the slave mines. Deep within a meator craters, in massive ork slave camp two men were chained together to work the rest of their days. On one side of the chains a Human Cleric by the name of Lautric, and myself Dion the Simic Necromancer. We had been there for 5 years now, desperately trying to find means of freedom. Occasionally we would hear other slaves talking of escape. But we found ourselves alerting the orc guards about them, for we had two reasons. For Lautric it was to get in the guards favor, as for me if anybody else was attempting escape it will only make things harder for me. Each time we would turn in would be escapees, they would be executed. 

During our scheduled feeding time we learned of two things. One if we were in the favor of one the guards we could be put in a gladiator pit to fight for our freedom. And two, we found the cheif with the keys to escape. So in secret I stepped on a rat killing it then stealth cast a weaker version of raise dead in the middle of the feeding area. Nobody noticed, so with that in mind I ordered the skeleton rat to stealthily steal the keys off the cheif. Knowing of the possibility of failure we continued to work in one of the guards favor, as we later discovered that the rat failed his mission and was caught by the Orc Cheif. Knowing that they know one of us was a necromancer I kept my head down to keep in their favor so they wouldn't suspect me.

The next day after a short lived slave roit left one of the guards seriously injured, we saw our opportunity. The Lautric told one of the gaurds he was a healer, and could heal the dying guard with healing magic. The guard reluctantly allowed this, but only to save his friend. That stunt payed off as the guard selected the Lautric to be his champion in the ring. I had to convince him to let me join in as a duo. "What can you do?" he asked, and I told him, "As a Simic I possess a powerful acid spit." which I did absolutely have, and that little disturbing fact payed off as the guard agreed to take me on. But only if the cheif agreed to make the tournament a team fight. 

After a day of waiting we got our answer, the cheif agreed to the team fight. We were escorted to the arena where we would have our first fight. The cheif made a point to disrupt any magic casters and cast an anti magic feild in the arena. But I wasnt too worried about that. The first fight began. It was us verses a team of three, two humans and a troll all chained together. The troll charged forward, killing the other two men as they were not prepared for it. We both waited for him to get closer. Once he was in range I fired my first acidic volley of 2d10. "Magic!" the troll cried in agony, "Sorry this isnt magic." I replied, "Just bad luck for you." As the Cleric came in and finished off the troll. The judged allowed us this controversial victory, but only under the ruling that i was not allowed to spit at my enemies again. So I bound my mouth shut in compliance. The last fight, as there were only four teams, was 1v1 as there was only one guy left on the other team so the judges made it a ruling to make it fair. So we sent the Lautric, who brutality dismembered the man who was begging for his life the whole fight. We won, we earned our freedom, or so it seems. 

Later we were returned our belongings, Lautrics armor and weapons, and my spell book and signiture black and blue robes. The guard who selected us happily escorted us tonthe entrance of a dungeon. Telling us that we are free to go, but to leave we have to go through this large dungeon. I aksed, "Why do you look so cheery?" the Orc smiled and replied, "I got payed for each one of your kills, so Imade out with 4000 gold thanks to you." We laughed as I said, "See? That acid spit payed out for ya didnt it?" He pointed at me and said, "You, are a disgusting person. Now get out of here. By the way I wouldn't light any fires in there, I hear its very flammable in there." We said our goodbyes and left into the dungeon. It was dark and smelled terrible. Not to mentioned I was the only one with darkvison, I was turnes into the Lautric's seeing eye Simic. 

We found ourselves in a room from Lautric's view he saw we were surrounded by glowing red dots, but what I saw was a lot of giant spiders. "We have some problems," I said, "Some big eight legged problems." "What were we going to do, I cant see a thing?" I quickly looked into the next room where I spied a large pool of actual, I could tell as I saw a spider knock a rock into it and it didnt disolve. "I have a idea, but you are not going to like it." I said positioning Lautric infront of the pool. Befor he could ask what I ment, I told him to hold his breath as I pushed him into the pool, and I quickly followed in. It was surprisingly deep, with a small cave system we could use to escape, but that wasnt my plan. Remebering that the place was flammable, I thought the guard ment the spider webs. So I stuck my hand out of the pool aiming at the spiders and cast Firebolt. I was half right about the flammable area as the entire dungeon ignigted into a mazsive flash fire lighting the entire dungeon in an instant. We waiting under the water for the initial explosion to subside and we left the pool. Coughing, Lautric looked at me, "You're Crazy. You know that?" I just shrugeed, "Hey, at least we are alive." We walked through the now well lit dungeon. Apparently that terrible smell was methane, we could tell from the fact that small fires were buring in small geysers in holes of the walls. All doors were blasted open, all Items magic or otherwise were obliterated, and all the spiders were deep fried. 

We eventually got out of the dungeon at an exit at the top of the crater. We looked down to the large Slave Camp, and all we heard was screams and panic as the town was on fire from the explosion. Understandably from the camps point of veiw, a bomb just went off and now their world is buring down. They werent wrong. We looked onward for another moment, admiring our handwork. I leaned over to Lautric, "We can return later should we want finish off the slavers. For now, let us leave them to burn." Lautric agreed and we both left off into the sunset, with a buring city at our backs.


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