How We Defeated The Tomb Of Horrors (But Then It Got Serious)

Aka the time where my Shadow Monk shined and my friendships were ruined.


Of all of D&D's adventure modules, there has always been one brought up in conversations.

The Tomb Of Horrors.

The most deadly dungeon of them all, it had been rumored that even the best players at my local game shop lost not even an hour in. I had heard about it before, but I'd never attempted it beforehand, mostly because I was still new to the game.

But that was 4 years ago. Now, I was confident.

I called up some of my old friends and asked if they could help. 2 of them replied. And another one from the store joined (We'll talk about him later).

For the sake of this story, these are their names:

Me: Gaia, the Warforged Shadow Monk

Winterblade, The Human Rogue/Lore Bard

Kalko The Carnivorous, The Leonis Totem Barbarian/Eldritch Fighter

Vashive Coldshire, The Halfing Divination Wizard

As we set down our notes and prepared ourselves, the DM looked at us and asked if we really wanted to do this. Vashive said, and I quote:

"We got this bro."

4 hours later, we were down Winterblade, having lost them to a giant steamroller of death, and we were now standing inside the treasur chamber, having come face to face with the Demilich Acererak, looming over us. Immediately, he instantly stole Vashive's soul, leaving me and Kalko to fight him off. Now, as of this time, I was sweating bullets. I was out of ki points, and Kalko was cut down to 22 hp after fighting the fake Demilich earlier. We going to lose. Until I remembered something.

I immediately stand up from my seat and say:

"I would like to run over to Acererak and put the crown on his head."

DM: "Ok, then what do you do?"

Me: "I would like to tap the silver end of the rod to the crown while Acererak is wearing it."

The DM goes silent, and starts rummaging though his book and notes. The crowd that had slowly gathered around us and crowded the store was in shock. Then the DM said, with a shaky voice:

"As you tap the silver end of the rod to his new crown, he looks at you with a fierce undead gaze. Then, his body desintegrates into a fetid powder. He raises his finger at you, just before he faids away. Acererak, the Demilich of Greyhawk and mad servant to the lichgod Vecna, is forever more gone."

The entire crowd, including some of the previous victims of the Tomb, went ballistic. They was so much yelling and shouting that the store clerk physically had to scream to get their attention. 

As we continued the game in silence, however, Kalko was unmoving, and did the most unexpected thing we could've possibly known.

As we celebrated in joy and began to collect all our loot back, Kalko looked at me, unnerved, as he proceeded to ram his axe into my character, killing me in the process.

Somehow, Kalko and Vashive had been working together to backstab me after we had lost Winterblade, deciding to betray me and kill my character.

Immediately I, being confused, called him out, asking why he did what he did, and he proceeded to say:

"Because it was fun and you were taking all the credit."

Now, I would just like you to know, my character was the only one to get past almost every trap without problem, while the rest of the group was just attacking everything. And they had literally done everything else, while my character mostly stuck behind and protected the group.

So I was pretty mad. Soon after that incident, we cut off each other and I didn't talk to him again, especially since soon after that, he had been arrested for almost sexually harrassing a lady at a nearby store, so that solidified my apprehensiveness.

I'm not sure what happened to him after that, but I still had a lot of fun at that shop. And I still go there to this day. As a reminder that fun can be  found in the most unexpected places.


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