How we embarked on the BBEG Path and became Death Deacons

Uncle=P Brother=K Me=Me

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My memory is iffy of these stories but in a campaign I’m actually still in, The Lost Mines of Phandelver, we are playing the BBEGs. One character is my Uncle, who we’ll call P, my little brother who we’ll call K, and Me, you get the gist. P is playing an Orc Barbarian, I believe K is playing a Tabaxi and is either a fighter or rogue. One day after taking a mercenary job to take down a dragon we actually become the dragon’s employees for a short time, we were ordered to get rid of a pest. We head through a crack in the wall too small for the dragon to enter, through the hole is a Manticore. We beat it to death and we enjoyed it. With my darts I finished it off(don’t quote me on that).  We got paid handsomely by the dragon and were on our way. 

Eventually we had come across a goblin settlement. P was immediately interested in taking the village for his Orc brethren. We did a quest for these goblins in order to gain their trust. It involved espionage and we had gained an Ally that was a sorcerer. But after dealing with too much crap took off a ring and pulled out a hurdy gurdy. The bastard was a bard and we had a laugh. Once completing the quest we had been paid and the seige approached quickly. P planned and K was in on it. Well, my character was a Greenskinned Tiefling Monk, and didnt have the heart for needless slaughter. As he watched his Tabaxi and Orc companions murder amd crush these small creatures, something clicked in his head. The world requires sacrifice, one does not survive without taking from others. I had become corrupted by the antics of P and K. And once the village was taken, my character had welcomed violence with open arms. 

We had each been gifted treasures by the dragon. My character had received Boxers Handwraps. For those unfamiliar. Boxers Handwraps are wrappings for a fighters hands that are invulnerable unless the owner wills otherwise. When we had taken the village we each obtained upgrades for these treasures. I had one of my handwraps soaked in poison and the other spiked.

P had entered a tent with a shaman to discuss something important. P wished to gain Lichhood. He was informed of a certain god, known as Vecna, god of the undead. We were sent off to take down a church of Vecna. We snuck up around the front. There were four guards in the front, two by the door and two by the seats, there were two at the front and one priest, both of them accompanied the priest at the stand. We rolled initiative and P went first. he had killed the front guards and got to the priest, beginning to strangle him. K went second coming through the door to shank some of the guards. Finally my turn came and I came around the corner. First I whacked the guard with my bo staff. Then proceeding to activate Flurry of Blows, tossing my staff in the air. A nasty Poison hook, and two spiked punches. I had turned them into swiss cheese. Finally P had come to an end of choking the priest. He uttered “Vecna, take this man as a sacrifice.” The priest proceeded to perish and we looted the church, checking some sketchy trapdoor. There appeared that churchgoers had fled there but nobody was in sight. After we finished investigating we established P as the leader, he would donn the Priest robes and us, we would be his Deacons. We shall continue our path to P’s Lichhood, and we would be his hands, we were the hands of Death now, 

The Hands of Vecna.


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