How We Killed The BBEG With a Broom


so this is my first campaign ever and my friends said this was probaly the best campaign in all of dnd so i said sure so i make a changeling rogue named leo am going to slowly get better at roleplaying as time gose on so after we get to the land we are supposed to be at we go through a haunted house of some kind where I actually prove to be pretty useful i end up tricking a ghost into thinking I own the house by turning into the man who owns the house I don't sound like him so I have to remain silent 1 point changeling as we continue on we find a room where there's a lot of books and stuff and the gnome we have with us oh i forgot to say who am with am with a human cleric named Fargar a gnome gilton who never casts anything else but grease but fun guy and a A wizard named arrow and lastly a warrior named Lucas we go to the house and we have a pretty good time but we end up having a fight with a broom a living room I forget what they're actually called but we beat it and we break it in half but then we think maybe if we mend later on can be with us so I pick up the broom and I keep it with a screw on that recipe campaign so lotta fun stuff happens we go meet the big bad God we all in all we end up having a home in the form of a mill that is quite useful I trick the people there who are hags that I'm the big bad evil guy so they run off pretty quickly we then go on a mission to go to One of the main towns and take children who hags had captured homeAfter we do a bunch of fun stuff and have a great old time we see some we meet somewhere ravens we go through a bunch of stuff we didn't go to the last big city and then start making the big bad evil guy mad we have a fight with him we scare him off and get rid of his werewolf allies at that point we go to get more help and we then besige the castle we didn't actually participate in the siege we just snuck in to kill the big bad guy we ended up fighting a few vampires a lot of vampires actually and We then go to fight the big bad evil guy the fuck is relatively quick it's pretty epic though because we had to end the session before we actually started the big bad evil guy fight so when the fight game came it was epic the big bad guy made his evil speech and we said our words and then the battle begin the battle didn't last very long but in the end we actually ended up getting him on his balcony and fighting him you didn't take long before we sunlight and the hell out of him The castle comes crumbling down and we're in his chamber we all gather round hold our broom that we actually mended I forgot to mention that his name is sir sweeps a lotIt was supposed to be a joke but we ended up actually using him who we sharpened actually he sharpened them self and we stabbed the big bad guys and killed him


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